The first e-cigarette in the industry was created in China in 2004. Since that time, vaping is now one of the spirited and fastest-developing sectors with the current developing products. And as of now, there is no sign of slowing down. According to research done on e-cigarettes, the vaping market is growing worldwide. Its estimated market globally was approximately 14 billion dollars in 2017. It is predicted to be 25 billion dollars by 2025.

Vaping technology is diverse and has a variety of e-liquid ranging from CBD cartridges, pod to e-juice. Integrating the hottest trends that are CBD and vaping, many brands created their kinds of CBD vape products. The modern pod vapes offer the best experience that lacks in the first e-cigarettes.

Vaping Devices’ Evolution

The evolution of vaping devices can be derived into three generations.

New Direction of Vaping Technology

1st products’ generation

These products imitate the combustible tobacco cigarettes. Nevertheless, they are heavier and more prominent. You can find them in rechargeable and disposable models.

 2nd generation products

These are bigger models than their predecessors. Luckily, they have longer battery life and are rechargeable. On top of that, they feature a pen-like design, are cost-effective and portable. They also provide quality vapor. Their design allows you to customize the voltage for a better experience.

3rd generation products

They include advanced personal vaporizers and mimics that don’t mimic the traditional cigarettes. The newest products have met the needs of loyal hobbyists looking for devices that can offer full customization of the product while vaping. These products are more expensive as they have variable and higher voltage, mods, digital display, airflow control, and temperature setting.

The New Direction of Vaping Technology

Despite the progress achieved, developers are still working to enhance the entire vaping experience. Unlike the old generations, where you could only find a few products, you can choose from an extensive and comprehensive range of options with the current vaping technology.

They have set a very high bar, and some of the things manufacturers are currently doing include;

  • Elaborating the atomizers that work with titanium or nickel wires. This enables easy coupling with more sensory regulation of temperature and high wattage. The nickel wires are designed to create thicker clouds and flavorful hits of vapor.
  • Sub-ohm vapes are the newest integrated technology. Many papers prefer them as they provide immense clouds of vapor.
  • Organic cotton coils are the current trend in the market. These types of cotton coils don’t bleach and are clean.
  • The best products leading in sales are pod vapes that come with in-built LCD and OLED displays. With this, you can easily control the vaping sessions.

Future of the Vaping Industry

Future of the Vaping Industry

At the beginning of the vaping industry, the objective was to have clean and smooth hits. Manufacturers have placed more flavourful and thicker vapor. However, creating vapors and better devices is still a big issue. Developers are trying to come up with devices that can use more cutting-edge technology.

According to research, vaping is less dangerous to your health as compared to smoking cigarettes. Moreover, vaping products are becoming popular over the years despite the concerns raised about the long term effects of using e-cigarettes. 

Here’s a list of the trends to keep in mind for the industry’s future.

  • Developers want to enhance the energy efficiency and battery life of vapor devices.
  • An ongoing study focuses on creating long-lasting atomizer coils that can last you for months.
  • It is developing flavor intensity. The current e-juices hit the market frequently. However, there is still room for improvement in this area of flavor intensity.
  • Producing more durable and reliable devices.
  • The modern vaping tech uses the principle of quality rather than quantity to satisfy customers. Instead of focusing on the fast advancement of technology, developers are prioritizing the production of quality devices. Long-lasting performance, duration, reliability are the key characteristics every customer will want to see. 

From the look of things, this vaping industry will not stop evolving. Likely, more compact sizes, safer, user-friendly, and more efficient vaporizers are coming. More people are turning to vape and even those who didn’t smoke previously. Some cigarette smokers are switching to vaping to help them quit smoking. Moreover, the legalization of cannabis and CBD products have had a significant impact on the vaping industry. It also affected the vape mod market since it’s a great way to vape CBD oils and weed.


Vaping isn’t going anywhere, and the latest product generation is the best that has ever existed. Manufacturers are working on different materials, new techniques, and better ways to enhance the vaping experience.

There is a broad expansion in various flavored vape products, making the vaping idea far more exciting and attractive to new potential customers. Vaping popularity is growing continuously as people are looking for healthier and better alternatives to cigarettes’ traditional smoking. However, there is much to be known about the safety and risks of vaping.

Furthermore, the growing demand has prompted manufacturers to invent devices that are ideal for the customers.


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