75% of employees name their boss as the worst part of their job. That’s a scary statistic! It just goes to show how many managers there are who need to work on their managerial abilities.

The good news is that being an effective manager doesn’t have to be difficult. Indeed, success in these leadership positions almost always comes down to a few core factors.

Want to learn more? Keep reading for our top tips for managers looking to improve.

Establish Your Team’s Workflow

According to SalesHood experts, organizing a workflow will help prevent work-related stress and make your team more effective. No matter how big your team is, you need to write standard operating procedures to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Clear procedures, monthly, and daily plans will help to prevent miscommunication and frustration. Moreover, it will also save some of your time – if your team has some questions, you will be able to send them an SOP with a detailed explanation of specific tasks.

Your team should review all SOPs. Encourage them to suggest ideas on how to improve each process because details make perfection.

Learn to Listen

All too many managers make the mistake of talking more than they listen. They spend their days barking orders, issuing commands, and complaining about their problems.

As the manager, you’ll enjoy a plethora of positive outcomes if you start listening more than you talk! For one thing, you’ll hear peoples’ ideas, understand their problems, and be in a stronger position to make positive changes. For another, your team will feel understood, valued, and appreciated more in the process.

Learn to Communicate

It’s all well and good to get better at listening. But the real victory comes when you combine it with strong communication skills.

You’ll be able to reply to people with greater tact and clarity. You’ll be able to explain and solve problems with newfound ease. And you’ll be able to outline your needs in a fair and compassionate manner.

Getting better at communication takes practice. However, thankfully, it goes hand in hand with listening. Nail your listening abilities and your ability to communicate will improve too.

Lead By Example

Of all the tips for being a good manager, this is arguably most important. Remember Gandhi’s quote to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’?

Well, that sage advice could equally apply to the changes you want to see in the office!

Know that it starts with you. As the manager, you need to lead by example, champion the culture you’re trying to create, and live by the ethos you’re trying to instill in the team. Become a role model and it’s sure to trickle down to the team itself.

Invest In Training

Don’t forget to invest in training too. Even top talent will struggle if they aren’t given the resources they need to perform!

From custom onboarding training and e-learning to ongoing conferences and programs, do what it takes to upskill your employees. The ROI you get in terms of their newfound satisfaction and expertise in the role will more than justify the expense.

Your team will feel empowered and supported to do the job for which they were hired. Managing employees will become a breeze.

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Fire Bad Apples Fast

Hiring the right people plays a key role in the success of any team. But firing the wrong people is even more important.

A bad apple spoils the bunch, right? If somebody you’ve hired has an insidious effect in the workplace, then it’s in everybody’s interest to sever ties ASAP. It shows strong leadership on your part and improves the office atmosphere for everybody else.

Don’t Forget These Tips for Managers

Are you trying to become a better boss? Amazing! As we saw in the intro, there are all too many managers out there who should follow in your example. Hopefully, the tips for managers in this post will help you succeed in the endeavor. Would you like to read more articles like this one? Search ‘leadership’ on the website now.

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