The New Year, 2018, is almost here with us. Among the most common resolutions for the year include the promise to try to be healthier and attain greater fitness. And if this is your goal, you might as well do this in style. So, here are the top five fitness trends expected to define this industry in 2018.

1. Wearable Fitness Technology

As far as science goes, the jury is still out on whether wearable technology such as fitness trackers have any positive impact on fitness. But going by how big this fitness trend is getting, wearable technology could very well be the most popular fitness trend in 2018.

In fact, in addition to an upgrade in the wearable fitness technology that is already in the market such as heart rate monitors, GPS trackers, fitness trackers, and smart watches, 2018 is expected to introduce us to smart fabrics, smart glasses, and interactive textiles that should push fitness technology to new heights.

People seem obsessed with tracking their performance during workouts, and this passion is clearly not dying off any time soon. Workout fans want hard statistics on whether they are making progress in their fitness journeys, or at least if they are working out hard enough. That is where this technology comes in. Already, heart rate monitors like Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Apple watch, Garmin and Polar proved to be obvious fitness trends in 2017; a trend that is expected to persist over the year 2018. gives you a good review of some of the most popular exercise and fitness equipment.

2. Group Training

Team-based workouts have one major thing going for them, they have plenty of motivation to offer the participants. The social aspect this form of workout offers doesn’t hurt either – it’s always fun to be around like-minded people. The physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of group training is also a huge appeal to those who are in favor of a holistic approach to fitness.

Actually, this group of people has been growing. Therefore, it is not surprising that group fitness programs have been on the rise, and they might turn into a raging phenomenon come 2018. The impact of group training is especially enhanced when people sign up with their friends or family members. These days, there is a push for whole families to pursue better fitness, and being part of group training programs certainly helps make this a possibility.

3. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

This form of workout involves having short bursts of intense workouts followed by periods of rest and certainly it is an effective way to lose your belly fat fast. For best effect, the rest periods should be kept as short as possible. This method of workout is ideal for people who need to save on time as it helps you achieve a lot of workout benefits in a very short amount of time. For this reason, more and more people are exploring the benefits of HIIT. Interval workout sessions are usually over and done with in just 30 minutes.

Many people with crammed schedules can now find ways to get enough exercise; and it’s all thanks to HIIT. And since people are not getting any less busier, this mode of workout is bound to grow in popularity over the year 2018. Furthermore, the fact that this form of workout is a popular option for lovers of group training, another possible top fitness trend for the year 2018, will also fan its popularity.

4. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to get fit in a fun and relaxing way; and lots of people are really into it. More people are seeing the upsides of this workout mode as time goes by. Yoga’s other benefits include the fact that it is ideal for all age groups; and that it is versatile enough to keep people committed to fitness for much longer.

That is why it is one of the top contenders as far as fitness trends for the year 2018 are concerned. And signs of this happening include the fact that yoga is getting modernized, which is why more recent yoga variants like Power Yoga are proving quite popular. So, yoga is not just going to remain a popular way for people to get fit, it will continue to grow in popularity, especially with interesting versions like goat, beer, and naked yoga turning into bold new fitness trends.

5. Strength Training

Strength training is an all-time favorite among fitness fans; not only for its fitness benefits, but because it can do wonders to the health of those who practice it. Strength training or weight training will help you lose your fat and build a toned body. Some of the claims linked to strength training include the fact that it can give your metabolism a 7 per cent boost in just 10 weeks. As a matter of fact, this form of workout is especially helpful to people who are in competitive sports and need to increase their performance.

This form of training is also quite effective for people who want to manage osteoporosis as it is just starting out. Strength training is also good at improving bone density. Furthermore, the perception that strength training is for men only is also slowly fading away – women need the benefits that this form of workout has to offer as well. All these factors might make strength training grow into one of the biggest fitness trends in the year 2018.


Top fitness trends in 2018 will involve wearable technology and fitness regimes like yoga, strength training, group training, and HIIT. So, if you need a workout plan that helps you stay motivated, get healthier more effectively, stay committed to your fitness program longer, or even save on time due to your busy schedule, then these fitness trends are worth a closer look.


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