Although we never want to believe the worst can happen, even good people can find themselves facing litigation.  If you fail to find the right lawyer for the job, you could face severe consequences, and even jail time depending on your situation.

Therefore, finding a good lawyer that meets all the right requirements is essential.  Not all lawyers are created equal, so don’t settle for the first one that you find online. Therefore, before putting your fate into the hands of just anyone, look for a lawyer who has these qualities.


A lot of lawyers may appear to be compassionate on the surface.  They may say all the right things and seem like they’ve got your best interests in mind.  However, when it comes to protecting your innocence, it’s essential that you’ve got someone who truly has compassion for your situation.

They should exhibit their compassion for your case in more ways than just words.  They should take the time to hear you out and ask questions. They should put in the effort that it takes to thoroughly find out every detail of the case which may work in your favor.  

If you get any sort of indication that lawyers you’re interviewing are less than sincere, you should skip to the next.  You don’t want to be another number in their filing system. You’re a real person!


One of the reasons why lawyers have such a bad name is because they can tend to lack transparency.  It’s vital that you’ve got someone on your side who isn’t going to feed you misinformation or charge you with hidden fees .

They should be honest about what they think about your case, and whether they believe you have a chance at winning.  They should provide all costs upfront, and let you know anytime you’re about to be charged for something.

If a lawyer seems overconfident about winning your case, then you should see this is a red flag.  A good lawyer knows that nothing is certain, and a case can take a turn at any moment.

A Good Reputation

You can tell a lot about the quality of work that you’ll receive from a lawyer by the online reviews that you read.  If people seem to have the same complaints about their work, then you should steer clear.

Try to aim for someone who has an excellent reputation not only among prior clients but wh is also respected by their fellow lawyers.

Quick Response Time

There’s nothing more frustrating than paying thousands for a lawyer who never replies to you on time.  You want to know that if you send an email or call them that they’ll get back to you promptly.


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