A bathtub is an item designated for not only cleaning the body. It can be a great way of relaxing every day without going somewhere and paying for spa services. A single tub can also be a key element in the design of your bathroom, creating a unique atmosphere. Depending on the model, a freestanding bath can transform the whole room and make it more modern or add an elegant touch to the interior design.

Aquatica makes sure to provide a wide range of options that will suit every taste. The freestanding bathtubs come in different sizes and shapes (round, oval, rectangular, and other unique forms). The color palette is diverse and chic. You can add an interesting touch by selecting different colors for the interior and exterior of the tub, which creates a contrast (black and white, bronze, red, yellow, golden, walnut, and others). Even the drain can be placed either in the middle or closer to the side, whichever you prefer.

 Ordering a Freestanding Tub Designed by Aquatica

Aquatica proudly offers a wide selection of bathtub models that range from freestanding ones to outdoor tubs. Even though freestanding baths are especially elegant and popular, all the pieces developed by Aquatica are of superior quality. You can ensure in it yourself by looking at them here https://www.aquaticausa.com/category/outdoor-spas.

The baths developed by Aquatica represent the most demanded and high-quality models on the market. Here are some of their key benefits:

  •  One of the main strengths of Aquatica is the constant search for new materials and designs while offering supreme-quality products at the same time. The constant improvement is highly appreciated by the clients;
  •  The majority of bathtubs are manufactured in Europe. They are handcrafted under the official certifications that ensure their quality;

 The warranty provided by the company can reach up to 25 years depending on the model. Therefore, you can be sure that your tub will serve for a long time.

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