MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Review

This MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Review was revised and updated on October 23, 2017.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro review
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2018

If you’re looking to craft top-notch quality movies, Movie Edit Pro is the abode to embark your journey. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus is an amazing video editor and boasts of an exclusive range of efficient, amenable tools, an innate interface that enables you to transform your video editing endeavors to verve precisely the way you want it to be.

Price: $69.95

  • Easy handling
  • Frame-precise editing
  • 4K proxy editing
  • Admirable animation and effects
  • Lacks import and organization tool
  • Slow movie project rendering
Bottom Line

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is an easy to use movie edit software with many advanced features

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Review

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 homepageMAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus is a 425 Mb download, so it is inevitable to have a steady and speedy connection for successful installation or else you may need to wait a bit. However, it is worth the wait and opens up to a clean and intuitive user interface design.


To give your videos that special touch, it is loaded with multiple features like proxy video editing, high dynamic range, secondary color correction. Let us explore in detail about the features of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

360° editing – MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is the first video editing software that supports 360° editing. This implies that you could Absorb yourself in the cybernetic world through panorama views.

Flawless image stabilisation – With state-of-the-art Mercalli V2 image stabilization technology, you no longer be bothered of hazy or wobbly video footage. You could also effortlessly reinstate tarnished video to a one-of-a-kind video footage.

NEW MAGIX Movie Edit Pro:

  • Configurable effect transitions – sports twenty brilliant transitions and even blur features to suit the theme
  • H.264 hardware acceleration – to relish Enjoy faster import and smooth playback
  • Secondary color correction – to revel in quicker import and smooth playback
  •  Enhanced audio editing tools

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 grid screenEnhanced design freedom – With MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, user could cherish comprehensive design freedom as it backs 99 tracks, multicam video editing and 4K proxy editing.

Faster editing – With enhanced 64-bit support, you can edit faster than you could perceive

NewBlue Titler EX – The latest add-on to this cool movie editing software assits you in developing dynamic Hollywood-style titles and rolling credits

Sticky objects – This feature lets you fix in position as the page scrolls beneath

Movie edit touch app – For all the busy editing professionals, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro comes with Movie edit touch app which is compatible with both Windows and Android tablets

Practical snap markers – Have you got hold of any attention-grabbing or crucial parts in the video objects ? With Practical snap markers, you could easily mark them.

Beat-based video editing – To give an extra pulse to your video editing aspiration, it MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 textcomes with beat-based video editing. This feature enables you to edit your video to suit the rhythm or beat of the music.

Free online tutorial – With free online tutorial, you could easily learn how to implement the features to give life to your cherished projects.

3D editing – It also helps in 3D editing, be it importing 3D footage or applying 3D titles and effects.

In the testing, we were impressed with features like time stretching, noise resuction, equalizing, compression etc. However, on the downside we felt that MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is bit slower compared to its rivals.


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus is a good option to consider if you are looking for professional vieo editing software. It offers you all the features that you need to perform video editing, however at reduced pace.

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