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Many different individuals regularly make use of presentations to deliver information in schools, universities, workplaces and more. While the presenters themselves can make or break a presentation, much of the success depends on the presentation itself. There are a whole host of software packages out there that allow you to create presentations, although there is a distinct lack of personality and interactivity within them. Well, Mango Animate has released a brand new software package that allows you to do just that. With captivating animations and effects, this software allows users to elevate their presentations to the next level. Here is our comprehensive Mango Presentation Maker Review.

What is Mango Presentation Maker?

Mango Presentation Maker is a free software package with a couple of paid tiers that allows you to engage and connect with your audience through interactive presentations. With a vast number of easy to use features, this software lets you tailor the presentation to your liking for a range of different audiences. Whether you are creating presentations for teaching, business or personal use, you will find tools and assets that will be helpful for you. Below we will be breaking down the full list of features and assessing their utility.

Mango Presentation Maker Features

Presentation creation within this software is a process that can essentially be broken down into a few simple steps. You will create a new project, add all of your content, enhance it with animations and then publish your work. These steps are made easy with the features, which are outlined below:

2D & 3D dynamic backgrounds

Clicking between slides can be quite a dull experience for viewers, even with the standard animations available in other software packages. This is why Mango Presentation Maker’s 2D and 3D animations are so great, since they allow extremely interesting transitions between slides. You can zoom, pan and rotate to tell your story throughout your presentation, taking the audience on an entertaining journey.

Interact feature


One element of traditional presentations that has not been innovated upon for many years is the interactivity. In most instances, the presenters will deliver their slides, occasionally pausing to take questions before proceeding. Mango Presentation Maker includes an ‘Interact’ feature that allows the audience to engage with objects within the presentation in real time. Through this feature, different objects can pop up after the action is inputted by the viewer, making the whole process much more interesting.

Animated characters

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When building the animations within your presentations, the software includes a wide variety of animated characters from all walks of life. These characters can be positioned, sized and posed to your liking, to suit your audience. Alongside these characters, dynamic objects can be used to tell your story such as speech bubbles, items and text blocks. There is even the ability to record an audio voiceover so that you can have your animated characters ‘present’ your slides.

Animation effects

Once you have inserted all of your characters, objects and text have been assembled on your slides, you can utilize a number of dynamic animation effects to bring them to life. When these effects are combined with the animated transitions between slides, you get a very professional and effective presentation.

500+ Templates


To speed up this process and make it much smoother, Mango Presentation Maker gives you access to over 500 ready to use presentation templates. Within these templates you will find a vast library of objects such as vectors, icons, stickers, charts, shapes and more to tailor the presentation to your requirements. This library is incredibly diverse, with objects that cover a wide range of fields including education, business, nature, leisure and much more. 

Versatile outputs

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Once you have completed your personalized presentation, you can export it in a whole number of ways. This includes saving the presentation in a great number of formats, including EXE, MP4, PDF, HTML5 and ZIP files. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to present or post your presentation in a variety of platforms, settings and industries.

Mango Presentation Maker Pricing

While the Mango Presentation Maker software is free to download and use, there are two other paid tiers which offer a multitude of additional features and benefits. These are known as the Professional or Enterprise licenses, which we will compare to the free version below:

FeatureFree $0Professional $39 (Special offer price, usually $99/Year)Enterprise $199 (Special offer price, usually $299/Year)
Export without watermarkx
Export video qualityx720p4K
TemplatesFree contentFree & Pro contentUnlimited
Cameras per project10UnlimitedUnlimited
Mind map2 branches per node5 branches per nodeUnlimited
Subtitles per camera21050
Audio per camera21050
Animated charactersFree contentFree & Pro contentUnlimited
3D BackgroundsFree contentFree & Pro contentUnlimited
Chart types101415
Motion path animation effects101022
Text to speech1000 characters50,000 characters200,000 characters

As you can see, productivity is slightly more limited within the free version of the software, with much greater capability afforded as you ascend through the tiers.


Mango Presentation Maker is a powerful tool for crafting dynamic, interesting and engaging presentations. By making use of a wide range of effects, interactivity features, templates and more, you can take simple steps to create and export your presentations. While the free version of the software will suit some users, the maximum value can be achieved through the professional and enterprise tiers.

With a special offer right now on both Professional and Enterprise licenses, you can pay a reasonable, one-off price for unlimited access to the software. And here’s the download link:


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