“Friends” star Matthew Perry dies by drowning in his home

American actor Matthew Perry, one of the heroes of the famous comedy series “Friends,” died a few hours ago at the age of 54, and his professional colleagues and fans expressed their depth of sadness and emotion over his passing.

As reported by the media and confirmed by the police, Perry was discovered submerged in his bathtub at his residence in Los Angeles. Initial investigations revealed no presence of narcotic substances, leading to the speculation that his death was likely caused by a heart attack.

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Perry’s personal assistant contacted the police when he discovered Perry submerged and unresponsive, despite attempts to rouse him. According to the assistant’s report, Perry had returned home Saturday morning, October 28, 2023, after a two-hour badminton session, and subsequently sent the assistant on an errand outside the house before his unfortunate demise was discovered.

Perry’s most recent photo, shared 5 days ago, captures him enjoying a refreshing swim. In his comment, he ponders, “Does the enveloping warmth of the circulating water bring you a sense of comfort?”

“It is very strange to live in a world where if you die, people will be shocked but no one will be surprised.” – Matthew Perry from Friends, Lovers and the Big Horrible Thing.

Matthew Perry, widely recognized as Chandler Bing by the majority of the audience, is a remarkable comedian. Like many comedy stars, Perry weaves the tapestry of his laughter from the depths of his own hidden suffering and genuine sadness.

Perry was born in Canada to a mother who serves as a journalist and media assistant to former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and a father who is an actor and model named John Bennett Perry. He made a guest appearance alongside his father in one of the episodes.

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His life underwent a significant transformation when his parents separated before he turned one, and his father immigrated to America. Raised by a stepfather, he developed a dream of attaining fame, longing for unconditional and unrestricted love from the world.

His dream became a reality in 1994 when he was presented with an exceptional opportunity: a role in the widely-watched and renowned series Friends. Alongside Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer, Perry’s participation in the show garnered critical acclaim, leading to his Emmy Award nomination in 2002.

Perry’s portrayal of Chandler Bing, a witty young man who uses biting humor as a defense mechanism, is both brilliant and captivating. Behind his sarcastic persona, lies a profound emotional scar from his tumultuous childhood, marked by parental neglect due to divorce. Chandler’s journey to survival and coping with pain is an inspiring testament to resilience. Discover more about Chandler Bing’s complex character and his unique approach to life.

In addition to his role in the popular sitcom “Friends,” Perry has also appeared in other beloved works that may not have garnered the same level of fame. These include films such as “Fall’s Rush In” (1997), “Three to Tango” (1999), and “The Whole Nine Yards” (2000). A sequel to the latter, titled “The Whole Ten Yards,” was released in 2004. Perry also starred in the movie “17 Again” in 2009.

Friends series heroes
Friends series heroes 

Coincidence or prophecy?

Mr. Heckles was a character who made appearances in the early episodes of the beloved TV series Friends. He was the grumpy neighbor who resided on the top floor, living a solitary life and always greeting everyone with a scowl, anger, and rage. In one episode, Heckles tragically passes away unnoticed, leaving Chandler (Matthew) horrified as he contemplates the possibility of a similar fate awaiting him in the future.

Contrary to Chandler’s storyline in the series, in real life, Perry lived a solitary existence without a spouse or children and ultimately passed away without companionship.

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The relentless grip of loneliness consumed him, driving him towards addiction. The toll it took on his health, finances, time, and success was immeasurable. In his memoirs titled “Friends, Lovers, and the Big, Terrible Thing,” published in November 2022, Perry revealed that even amidst fame and adoration, he succumbed to the hidden clutches of addiction. He justified this downward spiral by stating that fame bestows nothing upon its possessor, but rather engulfs them within its grasp.

The story unfolds in 1997 when Perry found himself in an accident. In an effort to alleviate the physical pain, he turned to Vicodin. However, even after recovering from the accident, he didn’t cease taking it. Instead, he gradually fell into a pattern of combining it with alcohol and other drugs, ultimately succumbing to addiction.

Despite his initial efforts to conceal the matter, on one hand, and his profound confusion resulting from addiction, on the other hand, to the extent that, as per his own statements, he has no recollection of three entire years of filming Friends due to drug use, the situation swiftly deteriorated, and his significant secret became widely known.

Perry made multiple attempts at recovery, particularly because addiction nearly claimed his life and necessitated his separation from the artistic community and close friends. This journey spanned many years and exacted a significant financial toll of $9 million.

Reunion episode

In 2021, an eagerly anticipated episode of the beloved Friends series aired, titled “Reunion.” This highly anticipated installment quickly dominated social media platforms upon its release, sparking widespread conversation and excitement.

The reunion episode lasted for an hour and 43 minutes, covering various significant topics. The episode commenced with the actors returning to the meticulously reconstructed original studio, leading to a heartfelt reunion. Throughout the episode, a mix of emotions, encompassing both sadness and happiness, enveloped the studio as each of the six actors entered, one after another.

The iconic TV series “Friends” captivated audiences for a decade, from 1994 to 2004. It surpassed all expectations, achieving unparalleled success and popularity. The six talented actors forged a genuine bond with millions of viewers worldwide, attracting an enormous audience. Notably, the final episode garnered an astonishing 52 million viewers when it premiered in the United States.

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