Trade-In Tips: Maximizing the Value of Your Current Vehicle at a Dealership

Maximizing the Value of Your Current Vehicle at a Dealership

Some people want a king’s ransom for their used car or truck. The reality is that getting the maximum value is possible, but it will never exceed the original retail price. To come out on top in negotiations, here are a few things you need to check.

How Many Miles?

The mileage matters when you want to get the most value from car dealerships in Carnesville ga. There are tiers, so going a few hundred over a certain amount can make an adverse difference in the value of the vehicle. This is something to think about if you plan a long trip before selling a used car. The miles put on the odometer before you get it to the dealership could cost you hundreds! There is no way to fake the miles, and resetting the odometer is not a good idea.

Keep it Clean

Some consumers show up to the trade-in with trash all over their car. Soda stains, cigarette smoke, and other damages to the interior are not good. Clean out the car before the trade-in or prepare to answer a few questions about the condition. Since you are trying to maximize the value of the vehicle, showing it in the worst condition is not to your benefit. Even if it is just removable trash in the car, this can be used as an excuse to give you less of a return than expected.

The Model Makes a Difference

Brand matters, but it is the model that takes priority. There are plenty of Nissan Altima’s, but only 188 of the Nissan Skyline GT-R: R33 LM models. Rarity bumps up the value, but there is also a popularity benefit to consider. Any Jaguar is going to fetch a high price just like a Mercedes-Benz. These are luxury brands that pump out higher end models. That means even their non-flagship cars will be in high demand.

Are There Any Modifications?

This is where things can get a bit tricky for the consumer. OEM modifications will raise the value while unofficial modifications will either lower it or not make a difference. Adding neon under glow to your truck and expecting it to affect the trade-in price is unrealistic. And if the modifications are illegal, then a trade-in will be highly unlikely without its removal. This has been the case when consumers remove the emissions control devices in their cars. Take great care when making any modifications to your vehicle if you ever plan on reselling it for a good value. These modifications (along with a bad vehicle history) are the biggest source of devaluing a car when doing a trade-in. Stick to OEM mods, and make sure to keep all of the paperwork.

Get What You Deserve

You’ll get a lot of money as long as you’re realistic about the vehicles trade in value. Kelly Blue Book value is only a baseline, so never let that override your actual expectations for payment. Use common sense, and you’ll walk away from the deal with a smile on your face.

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