Pandemic has hit the world and disturbed the health centers badly. Before Covid 19, medical organizations and health industries were working on different problems. Solving issues such as increasing patients’ demands and changing their lifestyles causes different problems. The medical software system has helped in such issues to a great extent that is discussed below in detail:

Medical Software startup:-

According to the research published in 2019, the healthcare industry is not coming slow. So, if you want to become a successful businessman and change the world then you should keep an eye on this business.

Covid 19 introduced many challenges in the health centers that helped out to start up successful health care centers. You do not need to be a doctor when you want to start this business in the medical industry. Here are a few inspiring startups in the medical field that are changing the world and becoming famous all over the world.

You can get a doctor on your demand:-

Through video conferencing, services are provided to the patients on their demand. If they do not visit health centers or hospitals proper treatment is provided to them at home. The patient can contact different doctors and instantly get the medical treatment of UTIs, Conjunctivitis, respiratory problems, diabetes, obesity, and many other issues.

Patients can contact doctor through smartphone App:-

Patients can link with the health centers through The Boston-based startup. Through this platform, patients can get the appointment from their doctors, and also get the proper guidance and instruction from their doctors from time to time.

Mountain view based startup:-

They provide mental health services to patients that are suffering from different mental illnesses like bipolar, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and many others. Mind strong startups depend on the usage of the phone and the timing of keyboard use helps the doctor to check out the patient’s emotional valence and its mental signs. At the next step after observing the patient, they provide them special therapy through text based on allochronic communication.

Successful Healthcare startups:-

● Prenome:-

Prenome is the women’s health center service provider that serves the women. All the problems that are related to women like gestational diabetes are discussed under this category. Proper solutions are provided and treatments are given to them.

● Navvisa:-

People face different diseases in their lives and face different experiences. The same is the case with cancer disease, everyone faces different experiences but they can get the solution of their disease in a single place. Navvisa service providers provide the treatment to cancer patients. They provide the proper guidance to their patients and deal with them to an individual level.

● Tools and equipment used during Covid 19:-

After the development of the Artificial Intelligence process in the medical field, scientists and researchers focused on imaging instruments that reduce the consumption for the health center. One such example is the use of Artificial intelligence for lung X-ray which is called the first-line diagnostic. It uses automatic machines that diagnose the symptoms more efficiently and quickly. Moreover, it also overcomes the serious complications of the treatment to the patients. Therefore at that time researchers suggested the X-ray as the first step for the diagnosis and screening of the Covid 19. With the help of such medical technology, the doctor can check the symptoms of deadly diseases at their earliest. Thus, the use of medical software has opened so many paths in the health and medicine industry for both clinicians and patients.

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