Megan Fox splits from Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox splits from Machine Gun Kelly
June 9, 2022: Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox attend North America premiere of film Taurus during Tribeca Film Festival at Beacon Theater

In a surprising move, international superstar Megan Fox unfollowed her fiancé, superstar Machine Gun Kelly , on the social networking site Instagram, and removed all photos that brought them together, including photos of their engagement announcement.

Not only did the star do that, but she also posted a video of burning messages and put the song of international star Beyoncé from the album Lemonade on the video, which refers to her song about separation.

After that, the model published a very bold picture of her, as if she was trying to take revenge on her lover, and then she deleted her entire Instagram account.

All of this indicates, and even confirms, that the star has actually separated from her fiancé, but none of the international media has been able to obtain confirmation of the news from Megan Fox or even from Machine Gun Kelly.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly engaged

And the American actress, Megan Fox , had published in January 2022 a distinguished romantic video showing the moment her lover, the international singer, Machine Gun Kelly , proposed marriage to her, as he bowed in front of her on his knees.

Machine also posted a video of the ring he gave her and designed it himself with jewelry designer Stephen Webster.

According to the video, the ring is made of two stones, the first of diamonds and the second of emeralds, which are the stones of the date of their birth; Each of them has a stone that corresponds to the date of his birth.

After that, the star gave an interview to a British magazine, during which she talked about the details and strange rituals of her engagement, and about their drinking of each other’s blood, at their private engagement party!

The 36-year-old star explained that what happened is not what people think. They did not drink goblets full of blood; It was just that they drank a few drops of blood, nothing more.

And revealed that they took this step following their own rituals; They consider it like a passage to something else, as if it were another way to say to the other: Take my soul – as she put it.