With a men’s watch market that is heavily saturated, finding the gem that checks all the boxes can be overwhelming. Tactical watches get their name due to their goal-oriented nature. Typically, they are durable and offer a slew of features and information. Many offer users to access the date, personal health statistics, current weather data, air pressure, and much more. To simplify the watch hunt, we’ve highlighted the specs of 5 of the best-selling men’s tactical watches.

The T1 Tact Watch – Durable, Practical, & Affordable.

This timepiece features all the basic necessities of a tactical smartwatch with none of the gimmicks. Offering easy to access health data and minimalistic phone notifications, the T1 Tact Watch is meant to limit distractions and simplify life. Beyond the watch’s practical characteristics, this watch’s durability is perhaps the most impressive. Able to withstand fire, deep water dives, and the swing of a hammer, this watch is designed for men on the move. Plus, the battery life will last 3-plus years, meaning no daily or weekly charging. Currently, this web exclusive timepiece is sold only through their website (visit here) at a retail price of $89.99.

Casio G-Shock – Combining Function & Fashion

Focus on the necessities and don’t worry about getting lost in countless features with this wearable. Known for its shock-resistance, this watch has proven practically indestructible. On its website, it’s advertised as being a fashionable wrist piece for streetwear. This tech is ideal for those who want to combine the strength and reliability of a tactical watch with a minimalistic design. Specs include a built in-alarm, backlight, stopwatch, and countdown timer. Pricing for this watch starts at $180.00, but many different styles are available at varying prices. 

Timex Expedition Pioneer – Minimalistic & Aesthetic

Consisting of the necessary tech features, this watch keeps the appealing and practical design that Timex watches are known for. This piece fits close to the wrist and comes in a wide variety of colors and bands. Featuring a backlight and daily alarm setting. However, this tech does not allow for a smartphone connection. Instead, it empowers users to get outside away from distractions. Prices for the Expedition Pioneer start at $95.00 at their official store. And if you want more, Timex offers a variety of tactical watches starting around $50.

The Garmin Tactix Bravo – Detail-Oriented & Fitness Focused

As a sequel to the original Tactix smartwatch, this piece has always been popular. Known for its complex location tracking and fitness data, this watch is suited for the most active outdoorsmen. With a wide variety of workout types to choose from, this smartwatch offers accurate fitness data to help users track their progress. As with most, you can connect to your phone to receive notifications and connect with friends. Coming in at $599.99, this watch is a lasting investment that has various editions. The top level Tactix can fetch nearly $1000, via Garmin.com..

Luminox RECON Nav SPC – 8832 – Classy Tactical

Developed by a former member of the Swiss Army Military Security, the RECON series was originally designed for on-the-ground navigation and includes a full compass. A spec unique to this watch is the walking tachymeter (or speed tracker). Settings can be changed between kilometers per hour or miles per hour. Its beveled face is antireflective and scratch-resistant. This watch can be purchased online for $495.00 along with other models.

No wrong choice

Choosing the perfect tactical watch for men is no easy task. Whether it’s the T1 Tact Watch, Garmin Tactix, Casio G-Shock, or any other, tactical watches are suitable for any man who loves the outdoors or the practical durability of a strong watch. Before making an investment in wearable tech, one should be sure to check the features listed online and read the reviews of past buyers.

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