So, your little one no longer shows an interest in his toy trains but instead have joint the millions of Pokémon fans and have joined the trading card wagon. Your child will probably know a lot more than you about these popular cards, but this article can give you a good start.

Where Does Pokémon Come From?

Pokémon is a franchise from Japan that exists for over twenty years. The term “Pokémon” is the abbreviated term for pocket monsters. Pokémon is known for the TV show, video games, trading card game and toys. Pokémon monsters are creatures that live with their owners/trainers (your child) or in the wild. The aim of a Pokémon trainer is to catch all of them; however, this could proof to be a challenge since more than eight hundred of them exist.

What Do Kids Do With Their Pokémon Trading Cards?

Youngsters usually collect them and then trade the cards. When they start learning to read, they might also show interest in the trading card game. The goal behind collecting these cards is to build a deck of sixty that can assist the trainer to win battles against fellow trainers. However, your child might merely be interested in collecting the cards that he deems to be the most valuable or having a liking towards. Every pack of cards varies, therefore if your child only has a few, you might want to consider getting him on his way with a themed deck (a pack of sixty cards that is sold in a metal tin or small box).Theme decks also have coin and cardboard markers which can be utilized for gameplay when choosing which player begins or where damage is counted, however, you can alternatively use die. The Pokémon cards are also sold in booster packs with ten cards. With every new season of the TV show, new cards are released, also referred to as new series or generation cards.

The Various Types Of Pokémon Trading Cards

You basically get three different categories of the Pokémon trading cards which can be found in a given deck:

  • Pokémon character cards
  • Trainer cards
  • Energy cards

Pokémon Character Cards

Every Pokémon is a certain type (there are eleven found in the game), for instance, psychic, fire, water, dragon, or metal. Every Pokémon card will have an indication in the upper left corner of how evolved the character is (basic form, stage two form, stage one form). Kids are usually after the Legendary Pokémon that is among the most powerful, do not evolve and are only found in the booster packs.

Trainer Cards

These cards are utilized for items, stadiums, and supporters during battle. Any particular rules on the cards are stipulated at the bottom.

Energy Cards

They are needed for powering your Pokémon in the game and there are always some basic energy cards in any card pack that is bought. Special energy cards provide different types of boosts, depending on the type of Pokémon you have.

How To Tell If Your Pokémon Card Is Rare?

You will notice a small symbol on the right-hand bottom corner. Circle means it is common, diamond means it is uncommon, and a star indicate that it is rare.