Musk lost 39 billion of his fortune… and lost the title of the richest person in the world

The American billionaire, Elon Musk, lost the title of “the richest person in the world” to the French Bernard Arnault, founder and CEO of the Louis Vuitton group, which specializes in selling luxury goods, consisting of 70 international brands and brands.

It became clear that he was descending from the top of a list of billionaires published by the American economic magazine Forbes yesterday, according to which the new owner of “Twitter” fell to second place, after losing $ 39 billion of his wealth during the past year, and now owns only 180 billion.

According to the magazine, 51-year-old Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion last October by selling shares in Tesla, a company that specializes in electric cars. The acquisition caused a 50% decrease in the value of Twitter’s shares.

As for the 74-year-old French businessman, Bernard Arnault, whose family company owns other luxury brands, including Christian Dior in addition to the famous Tiffany & Co., he jumped for the first time to the top of the “Forbes” list with a fortune of $ 211 billion, after he managed during Last year, he added 53 billion to his fortune, “an achievement that no other rich man has ever achieved,” according to the magazine’s expression.

Below are the names of the 10 richest people on this year’s list, along with their fortunes.

1- Bernard Arnault and his family ($211 billion)

2- Elon Musk (180)

3- Jeff Bezos (114)

4- Larry Ellison (107)

5- Warren Buffett (106)

6- Bill Gates (104)

7- Michael Bloomberg ( 94.5)

8- Carlos Slim Helu and his family (93)

9- Mukesh Ambani (83.4)

10- Steve Ballmer (80.7).

Chase Peterson Whithorn, chief wealth editor at the magazine, said that 2022 was a rare year for the richest of the rich, “as about half of those on the list lost large proportions of their wealth compared to the previous list,” so the number of billionaires in the list decreased to 28, and their number became 2640 billionaires, which is the second decrease. yearly, respectively.


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