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net nanny review

Today we are facing a rapid development of technology and innovations in any industry or sphere of life. When your children become older and start using computer and Internet access, you should be more accurate and organize a working place for your child. Basically, Net Nanny is considered being one of the most well known applications for making a safe atmosphere for your child in the Internet. With a certain list of tools and add-ons you will always know what websites does your child visit and what files does he / she download. Moreover, it can save your computer from the harmful applications or programs, which are spread across the Internet during the last several years.

Price: $39.99 1 Computer 1 Year

  • Particular filtering tools
  • Simple design and easy-to-use app
  • Remote control
  • User-friendly visual presence
  • No capture of desktop images
Bottom Line

Net Nanny is designed for every parent, who is looking for the additional application to organize the safe use of the Internet.  

Net Nanny Review 2018

Basically, when you install Net Nanny to your computer or laptop – you can easily manage your profile by entering a certain age of your children and choose a list of particular points to follow. You can also use additional web content filters to make your program become total defender of your computer and children as well.


net nanny dashboardInstallation package costs around $28, which consists of all needed files and folders. You can easily install Net Nanny on your computer – just choose a folder to download an installation file and start preparation. Your program will be installed on your computer during several minutes. After the installation you can download additional applications of Net Nanny for your devices (iOS, Android) to maintain a remote control and usage.

Feature Set

net nanny settingsWhen you finished an installation of the product – you can easily go into the administration panel and choose several main settings to add. Net Nanny allows you to watch the original content, which was blocked according to the settings as well as watch a list of links your child was opening when surfing in the Internet. It is convenient and needed for many parents, who want their children to use safe Internet.

In Net Nanny you have an opportunity to use blocks for the certain type of content and images as well. Basically, when you are in the admin panel, just click “block” the content, which is mature. Besides blocking you can easily set the warnings by putting a filter “warn” every time you see inappropriate content.

Net Nanny is considered being a reliable sort of safety applications and available for the different platforms and devices. So, you can install it on your PC or laptop as well as use it on OS or Android. In this case you have an opportunity of the remote control, which is essential when you are working.

net nanny reportIt is essential to admit that Net Nanny is considered being a certain application, which can be called as child-centric. It means that you can easily apply particular settings to the several devices and maintain the total control of the Internet surfing from any place you need. Basically, there are absolutely different options of the Net Nanny to get, including $28 price for the installation package or additional $60 Family Protection Pass. Its convenient approach makes you feel comfortable when you add particular settings and customize the program upon your requests.

With Net Nanny you have a control not only of the quantity but also of the quality of the Internet search of your children. You can easily explain them why do you block this content and put a particular list of settings into the admin panel to make it more automatic.

Net Nanny has a certain opportunity to record the overall list of websites and webpages, images and videos your children was watching during a certain period of time. With the help of particular settings you can receive detailed reports of the children’s activity and control these lists wherever you want. The collected data is stored for 24 hours, which is convenient for you to go through and check.


If you are looking for the cheap and highly efficient application to make your children surf through the Internet safety – it is a perfect time to try Net Nanny. It is cheap and efficient way to forget about the harmful products from the Internet and control everything your child does in the Internet. This child-monitoring application is reliable and well structured so that every parent without a technical experience can use it.

Ease to Use
Website Filtering & Blocking
Social Network Blocking
Application Blocking
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