What is the best staffing agency? What are the five staffing models? Because every nurse staffing agency in New Orleans is all completely different from one another, from the way that they are run, the contracts they offer nurses, the partnerships they have with other health care facilities and their systems. Finding the right nurse staffing agency for you could be hard, and if you are planning on starting your own, then that is a whole other story. The demand for nurses increases as the life expectancy in America also increases and while this creates the perfect business opportunity, it is important to know how to correctly go about starting a nursing staff agency. Here is a brief New Orleans staffing agency guide.

Starting a staffing agency for nurses

Make a business plan

You have to organize all of your thoughts, and carefully plan your finances if you want to visualize the goals of your company, you need to have a startup business plan in forming a staffing agency for nurses because it will allow you to stay focused on what the important things are, effectively preparing your for all of the changes that will come, big or small. These plans could either be super brief, only highlighting the concept, or as extensive as you see fit, going as far as putting in a very detailed plan. But you have to remember that this could be a great way to present your business to other companies.

Your Company’s Description

Describe who you are and what your company is, is what the company description is for. This is where you would put what the plans are, and it is also where you could add your mission statement.

Marketing Plan

This part is where you are going to provide details of your target market and evaluate your competitor, noting what they are doing and the opportunities that they may or may not be missing. It could be super helpful in the future as you establish a possible plan and budget for marketing efforts.

You can start direct mail marketing campaigns and attend staffing company conferences  while you are brainstorming for this part. Networking events, creating a social media presence, and including your website plan is also important because marketing can take up several forms and it is better to get as much publicity as possible.

Financial Plan

You could find templates of this section in Excel and Google to help you with this, but this is where you would try to project your expenses, budget, and cash flow of your plan. Put an established timeline.

The Summary of the Executive

This section of your plan is where you would find the summarization of all of the elements of the entire plan briefly, where you are going to introduce your nurse staffing agency to the medical world.

Products and Services

This section may be brief since nurse staffing companies’ services are pretty self-explanatory.

  • What sets you apart from all of the other nursing staff agencies?
  • Think of ways that you could handle all of the new assignments
  • Think of your fee structure.
  • How do you think you would handle a situation where there is a client that is disappointed with the appointed nurse that you gave them?

You could use this section to explain what sets you apart and you have to plan now, in order to prevent chaos in the future.

Operational Plan

The operation plan is where you are going to explain how you are going to run your business as the owner and describe in detail how you are going to achieve your goals. When you are choosing a space for your staff, you also have to have a reception area where you could help and greet visitors.

Management and Organization

The management and organization section is where you will define what type of facility and supplies you are going to need to operate your startup nursing company. In this section, you are going to put what type of building you are going to need and where you want to be located because it would save you time in the future. When making this decision, you have to remember that you are going to need an area in the facility to interview and meet with clients and store paperwork and documents.

Register your business

You have to obtain a Limited Liability Company (LLC) where you will establish a name for your nurse staffing company. The registration would vary by state, but once you have registered, you are going to get a tax identification number to pay business taxes and employee withholding.

You have to get your insurance and subscribe to a drug screening service

There is always a chance that something could go wrong when you are caring for other people, so having insurance to protect yourself and your business is important. A General Liability Insurance is in charge of covering all of the legal services. There is also another insurance called the Workers Compensation Insurance that oversees the lost wages and all of the medical expenses of your employees.

You might feel a bit overwhelmed because preparing to start a nursing staff agency could be taxing and very time-consuming. Sometimes, the startup cost alone could scare off some aspiring business owners but don’t give up! If you want to have a successful nursing staff agency, having a solid work ethic is the key.


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