A new video clip reveals close details of the assault with a hammer on Pelosi’s husband

A new video clip reveals close details of the assault with a hammer

A new video has just been released that reveals the shocking and brutal assault inflicted on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, back in October. As reported by CBS News, this clip provides a close-up look at what happened that day.

After prosecutors aired the footage before a crowded San Francisco Superior Court during the preliminary hearing last month, Judge Stephen Murphy decided that there was no rationale to keep it concealed from public view. As such, he issued an order to make the clip available for all to see.

Hammer blows to the head

In the video, officers can be seen walking up to the house and knocking on its front door. Moments later, David de Pape appears besides Paul Pelosi – both of them holding a hammer in their hands. It is then that these men are revealed as the two suspects involved in this case.

In the video, the officers converse with De Pape and Pelosi before noticing a hammer. They ask De Pape to drop it, however he refuses and brutally attacks Pelosi with said weapon.

With a thunderous cacophony, the police burst into the house and restrained de Pape while Pelosi lay prone on the floor.


In the early morning hours of 2 a.m., Paul Pelosi, 82, was assaulted in his home by De Pape, 42; suffering from a fractured skull and injuries to both arms and hands. Quickly thinking on his feet, he called for police assistance while being questioned about the whereabouts of Nancy Pelosi’s location. Following the attack, surgery became necessary due to severe trauma endured during this incident at their San Francisco residence.

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