North Korean leader’s wife wears a ballistic missile around her neck

During the military parade marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the army, she wore a necklace in the shape of the country's largest intercontinental ballistic missile

wife wears a ballistic missile around her neck

During the celebration of North Korea’s 75th army anniversary, Kim Jong Un’s wife made an appearance wearing a necklace fashioned after their nation’s largest intercontinental ballistic missile. This stunning piece of jewelry was symbolic of the military power and strength that lies within North Korea.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

At a banquet featuring Kim Jong-un and his family, Mrs. Ri Sol-ju made her appearance wearing an impressive necklace that symbolized the Hwasong-17 missile launched last year – one capable of reaching America’s shoreline. The Telegraph reported Mrs. Ri as smiling with this iconic piece surrounding her neck alongside other military leaders; in addition to husband Kim Jong Un was their daughter Kim JuI (10 years).

On Wednesday night, a tremendous military parade took place in the Kim Il Sung Square located downtown Pyongyang. Among the awe-inspiring display of weaponry were at least 10 Hwasong-17 missiles – some of the biggest intercontinental ballistic missiles ever created – and an additional suspected intercontinental missile that may potentially be powered by fuel steel.

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