“How can I convert Mp4 to Wav video format? My system is unable to stream a video file in the avi format, and I intend to change its file system to a more compatible one, such as MP4. What is the top tool that can assist me in converting my videos quickly and efficiently?”

Our systems and devices, such as computers or smartphones, have limitations. Such a lack of dexterity may prevent us from accessing specific multimedia files in more advanced formats. Such an inability of your system may occur when you are not able to play a video file with a more robust file format.

The only way around in avoiding such a hassle is to change the file format of the video that is compatible with your computer or any other gadget. Keep reading this guide as we will share with you the best possible technique to convert videos to multiple file formats.

  • Part 1.Video File Conversion – Use the UniConverter to Convert File Format of your Video
  • Part 2. Video File Conversion – How to Convert Video Files?
  • Conclusion

Part 1.Video File Conversion – Use the UniConverter to Convert File Format of your Video:

There are plenty of ways to convert videos into your favored file format. However, the majority of such methods are either inefficient or too slow. Additionally, the chances of such platforms not offering services in your desired file format will remain high. It is why Wondershare’sUniConverter is the one tool that you should use to perform the video format conversion task.

Video File Conversion

The tool is incredibly fast as it is capable of converting videos of more than 1000 formats at a 30x conversion rate. You can easily use the app on your Windows PC or macOS-based computer. More importantly, you will not find any dip in the quality of the video, once its file format had been changed. Here are some of the handy attributes of the UniConverter Video Conversion App.

  1. The UniConverter has an all-purpose video toolbox that can convert your images, burn your music to CD, and transfer data to other devices;
  2. The program’s Screen Recorder feature can record audio and video in high quality;
  3. You will be able to download/save videos from over 1000 different websites.

The new and improved version of the UniConverter is efficient, intuitive, and fast. It is why we suggest using the tool to fulfill all your video conversion and editing needs.

Part 2.Video File Conversion – How to Convert Video Files?

The UniConverter has an intuitive interface and an excellent video conversion speed. You will be able to convert the video file to the intended format in a short amount of time.

For the process of video conversion to begin, you will need to download and install the app on your computer system(Windows/Mac). Please follow the detailed set of instructions below to know how to convert video files easily.

Step 1. Open the UniConverter Video Converter and add your Video to the Interface:

After successfully installing the UniConverter, run it on your system and click on the Video Converter tab, which you will find on the left side of the display.

Open the UniConverter

Add the file you want to convert to the UniConverter’s interface and see the instructions in Step 2.

Step 2. Select the Video and Audio File Format from Settingsbefore Converting it:

Close to the Convert tab, click on the Settings button, and add the changes you want to make with the video. The UniConverter will allow you to alter the audio and video file format of the file.

Select the Video and Audio File

Once you are satisfied with the settings, click on create to close the menu box.

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Step 3. Convertthe Video File:

Select the folder where you want to store the converted video before starting the process. Click on the Convert tab and wait for the UniConverter to complete the procedure.

Convertthe Video File


The UniConverter by Wondershare is the handiest option to convert video files to various other file formats. The utilities of the app don’t stop at video conversion as it is a multitasking tool that can compress, burn, and convert video and audio files, thanks to the latest update.

We recommend using the full version of the UniConverter on your computer system. However, you can use Online UniConverter to convert video file formats instantly. Conveniently, the Online UniConverter has almost 90% features of the full desktop version.

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