Dyslexia is a name given to a learning disability found in kids, which prevents children from reading properly or fluently. A kid who has Dyslexia will have trouble understanding spellings, alphabets, and their sound and even writing.  If you have a child who has dyslexia, then things might have been hard for you and you are trying to help your kid in anyways you can. Many people think that dyslexia means that the child does not have the normal intelligence, but that is not true because it is a learning disorder and there is no doubt that the kid suffering from it could be as smart as his peers. Parenting becomes a little hard when you are dealing with a child suffering from Dyslexia. But things will become easy if the parents start to understand what this disability is. Here below are few things that a parent must know if their child has Dyslexia.

Your child will have to work twice in school

One of the toughest parts of having Dyslexia is that the child has to work twice as hard compared to other students just to stay afloat. When your child is reading, it will be exhausting for him and when he or she has to write it will feel like torture to them. But if things are hard that does not mean your child cannot do it. You will just have to be patient and work hard with them while they are doing their homework.

Your kid has strength that might not show in school

If we examine our education system and take an in-depth look, we will see that the power of kids is determined by their ability to read clearly and fast and how they can write and write well. Sadly a child with Dyslexia will lack these strengths but who knows that child has a better understanding of things or memory when they are told about something.

They feel different when they fail to keep up

Children with Dyslexia go through a lot, and they feel different and bad when they fail to match the performance of their class fellows. Imagine if you are given an assignment of an essay in class and by the time everyone is done you have only finished one paragraph. This can weigh down on your child and makes them feel bad; you have to keep this in mind.

Teachers have very little awareness of Dyslexia

One of the hardest facts about Dyslexia is that the teachers in our education system do not know much about it. If you are lucky enough, you might find a one or two good teacher, but our education system does not do much for it. The educators need to know that they need to train teachers more about this disability.

Find something in which your kid is really good

The best ways to cope with Dyslexia and to make sure that your child does not feel missed out will be finding something in which your child is excellent. Your child might not have the ability to read or write properly, but he could be good at playing a sport or any other activity. All you need to do is find that one thing in which you kid will excel and get them involved in it because it will make him/her feel great.

We need to first understand that the kids suffering from this disorder are no different from us and they can achieve any life goals they want to achieve in future. Dyslexia is not just hard for the child, but it can prove hard to the parents as well. But it is important that parents should search and learn more about mental health and dyslexia. With the better understanding of this disorder, you will be able to do better as a parent. And always remember it’s a learning disability and your child is still intelligent.