It is no secret that a majority of people aren’t fond of cleaning. It can be pretty hard work, can take up to several hours and the results, although rewarding, are mostly fleeting and you will have to do it all over again.

Still, a clean home is a requirement for a normal and healthy life, so most of us just grumpily do our work and clean our homes. However, we usually aren’t as thorough as a professional house cleaning company would be. That’s why we typically don’t clean our homes as well as we should. Sunflower Maids from Kansas City share some of their observations about the most neglected parts of your home.

The Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to the kitchen, most of us are content to clean the countertops, wash the dishes, and mop the floor. Even listing these things, I feel a sense of accomplishment. However, the reality of the kitchen is much messier than most of us are willing to admit.

All of your appliances will get a bit dirty, both on the outside and the inside. When was the last time you moved your fridge? Or even your microwave oven? We touch these appliances, and sometimes our hands are not exactly clean – it all leaves a trace.

Fortunately, most of our appliances are made of smooth and durable materials like metal and glass. That means that cleaning them should be relatively easy and hassle-free.

The Ceiling Fan

Another item that rarely gets the attention it should is the ceiling fan. Provided that you have one, can you remember when you cleaned it? Most of us can’t. You may be thinking that it is a fairly isolated piece of furniture and that it is never touched – why clean it in the first place?

And the answer is simple – house dust. Dust will fall on your ceiling fan just as it falls on everything else. And as you clean your shelves and tables, so should you clean the ceiling fan as well. In fact, not cleaning your ceiling fan might be even worse. When you turn a dusty ceiling fan, it will spread all that dust into the air – a particularly problematic situation for people with allergies and asthma.

Doorknobs and Other Things You Touch a Lot

If there is one thing that the global pandemic has taught us over the course of this year, it is to wash our hands as much as possible. The same thing should, by extension, be applied to the things we touch the most in our home.

If you thought of your computer or your phone, you’re wrong (although, cleaning those thoroughly is a good idea, too). What I am talking about here are the light switches and doorknobs. You will most likely touch both of these when you enter your home from outdoors.

Over time, these items can get really grimy, not to mention that they might be a hotbed for pathogens. Cleaning these items at least once a week with rubbing alcohol or a similar disinfectant will have them clean and safe for you to use. And it will give you some peace of mind.

There are a few other places which most people ignore, or simply forget about, like behind the toilet or under the sink, but most lists will remind you to clean these.


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