Planning to organize a corporate event? Here’s why you should consider a tent this year

Businesses don’t only come down to gathering more customers, converting clicks to sales, and making it rain dollars. Thinking that continuous development is possible without paying sufficient attention to how employees are entertained and cared for would be wrong since jobs these days offer more and more benefits, like team building, sports memberships, and bonding events. Good employees represent an invaluable asset in a business, and the less their needs are taken care of, the higher the threat of them leaving to find more promising opportunities elsewhere. Companies host corporate events where the staff can mingle, form bonds, and even come up with new suggestions for how a new product or service should be improved. This practice fosters cooperation, promotes a healthy company culture, improves brand reputation, and helps keep employees in the loop with important information.

If you’re planning a corporate event, know there are more alternatives than the bland, stuffy hotel ballroom. More and more businesses use tents to set up their corporate events for the advantages provided, as you will find out. Employees need and want to engage in outdoor activities, but their jobs and daily activities often stand in their way. As businesses aim to provide their staff with the health benefits of outdoor experiences, a growing trend in organizing corporate events involves using tents. Outdoor tent events give plenty of freedom of choice in terms of the event’s style, structure, and theme. Suppose you’ve never attended a tent event before; it would be challenging to envision how the meetup will unfold.

To determine the suitability of this approach for your business, we’ve crafted a concise guide encompassing nearly all the essential information you require.

Using a tent will eliminate time restrictions

You know that demoralizing moment when you’re having an excellent time at a gathering, and the moment to leave your companionship comes? If you do, you likely don’t want your employees to go through the same disappointment. The event may go better than anticipated, and given how high temperatures have risen this year, your employees may want to escape the peak temperature hours and meet up when the hot time has passed. Visiting a restaurant, for instance, won’t permit you to stay over the closing hours, but with a tent, such limitations are off the table.

If you want to rock the event, you can bring an orchestra, stereo systems, and audio equipment and create the playlist yourself. Regardless of how loud you enjoy the music playing, you won’t have to worry about lowering the level so as not to disturb the neighbors if you’re setting up your tent far from the residential area.

Choosing tent trading means creating the perfect setting for music, dancing, laughing, and making guests feel relaxed and unconstrained. Employees are already spending a lot of time trapped indoors, so they’ll likely rejoice over being surrounded by nature.

More space equals more activities

The choice of activities you want for your corporate events is endless when time and space restrictions are gone. You have, for instance, additional space to organize quests, dance, take pictures, and other activities that employees are into. For instance, you can organize brain-storming events if you want a tent for team-building. Or plan a corporate picnic where everyone is dressed comfortably and has a laid-back attitude.

Conference centers or hotel halls come with programs and restrictions, and regardless of how excellent the setting may be, the air can sometimes feel closed in due to the persistent, daunting weather conditions. Plus, you’ll avoid the hassle of sorting through many hotel halls because each comes with a downside that requires compromises. You can arrange the space however you want, place colorful LEDs to enhance the ambiance, bring in theme-related vessels, and place table and chair sets that are rented or that you can reuse at other events in the future. The tent has durable cassette flooring that supports high traffic and different types of pressure, so common maintenance-related worries are reduced.

Weather conditions won’t be your enemy

Employees are encouraged to spend more time outdoors, and there’s no better way to ensure they connect with nature than hosting the corporate event in a tent. Weather conditions can pose a significant challenge, and forecasting whether it will be sunny or rainy is not always as straightforward. Employees can’t have the best time if the weather is not on their side, nor can businesses effectively accomplish the event’s goal. But you can use a tent built to withstand different weather conditions, be it extreme heat, wind, rain, or snow.

Tents for events are designed to accommodate many people and protect against disturbing weather conditions. Employees are offered shelter, and everything from the electronics to the tables will be covered against any atmospheric phenomena that are beyond your powers to control.

You won’t stress about the tent’s setup

Organizing a corporate event in a tent can evoke concerns regarding the seamless execution of its delivery, the requisite workforce for setup and arrangement, the disassembling of the tent post-event, and various other considerations associated with the overall structure and coordination. However, these concerns shouldn’t exist when you work with a rental company. They take care of almost all the demanding tasks, such as setup and teardown of the tent, allowing you to focus on other elements like the playlist or buffet options. You won’t have to spend time or resources to hire additional staff to handle these tasks but only collaborate with a reliable company that takes care of all these responsibilities on your behalf.

Last but not least, money is saved

The budget dedicated to corporate events ranks high on the list of considerations. In this regard, using a tent can help you tighten the belt and avoid some of the expenses of renting ballroom hotels or other establishments. You’ll cater to your attendants’ needs and entertain them without having to break the bank to create a memorable event. Needless to say, you’ll also enjoy all the privacy and intimacy that is off the table when resorting to hotels and conference centers.

So, is hosting a tent event suitable for your business requirements?


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