First off – what is a scissor lift? Scissor lifts are a class of heavy machinery that characterized by a mobile platform that could be elevated to various heights using a “scissor mechanism”. Scissor mechanisms have levers and arms arranged in a distinctive crisscross pattern. When the lowest ends of a scissor mechanism are pushed closer together, the crisscrosses close and entire assembly extends. When the ends are pulled apart, the mechanism contracts. In addition, our highly motivated employees contribute to an hire boom lift outstanding level of industry safety and customer satisfaction.

In a modern scissor lift, the scissor mechanism is usually hydraulically-powered, though you may find a few that are pneumatic or mechanical. Hydraulic scissor lifts see a lot of use in different industries and can be used to lift people and different types of heavy loads into different positions.You have probably seen scissor lifts before, in person, and in videos. You might even have a vague idea of what these remarkable pieces of heavy machinery are used for. But you probably didn’t realize that scissor lifts can be used to do perform all the tasks we have highlighted below. If you’re in the Middle East and you think you might need a scissor lift for a project, check out this scissor lift hire service.

1.) As mobile lifts

It may be impractical to install permanent lifts in some worksite or warehouse situations. For instance, a worker may need to inspect or perform maintenance on the top part of an industrial shelving unit. In this case, using a mobile scissor lift will be much safer and more practical than either installing a permanent elevator or having a worker climb up to the top.

2.) Indoor site maintenance

Have you ever wondered how they changed the light bulbs or installed CCTV cameras in large terminals, shopping centres, hotel lobbies, convention halls, and other large spaces? Perhaps you may have thought that people used ladders, and once upon a time, you may have been right. However, these days, it’s far more likely that they rented or bought a scissor lift to help workers more safely perform these types of maintenance. Not only are workers far safer and more productive in these situations compared to using traditional ladders and scaffolds, but the non-marking rubber tires on scissor lifts are also far less likely to damage flooring than traditional scaffolds.

3.) Warehouse management

As we mentioned earlier, scissor lifts are often used in warehouses. However, they can also hold heavy loads in addition to people. This is crucial in today’s competitive warehousing situations, as higher land prices have caused warehouses to grow taller, rather than wider, putting many shelves out of the way even for some forklifts. Using both scissor lifts and forklifts can greatly improve the flexibility of any warehouse operation.

4.) Manufacturing

In situations where manufacturing assembly lines are at different levels rather than just one, scissor lifts can prove invaluable, especially for lifting large loads to different heights as needed.

 5.) Loading and unloading facilities

As some models of modern scissor lifts can extend as high as 20 metres, and hold more than a ton, they can be useful for simplifying loading and unloading in different scenarios, from factory and warehouse use to logistics terminals, as well as construction and mining sites. Having a scissor lift on hand can help keep the cost of a project low by making loading and unloading in unusual spots far more efficient.

6.) Outdoor work

Some models of scissor lift can operate in a variety of outdoor environments, and this is the type of work scissor lifts are often seen doing. Aside from helping workers do maintenance on power lines and the exteriors of some buildings, they can also tree surgeons and orchard farmers to trim high branches or harvest fruit off of tall trees. you can visit . Scissor lifts are undoubtedly one of the most useful types of equipment to have at any worksite. With the variety of sizes, layouts, and capacities available, you’re sure to find a scissor lift that will suit your worksite.

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