Digital Marketing companies swear by it.

Brands, both big and small, love it.

Google promotes it.

Yes, we are all talking about one of digital marketing’s best strategies- Blogger Outreach. However, before we get into the intricacies, a standard definition of blogger outreach is a necessity.

Blogger Outreach is a digital marketing strategy in which you identify bloggers/publishers relevant to your industry. The next step involves getting in touch with them and connecting. This is followed up by requesting to publish your content on their website. The content piece has one or two backlinks that redirect users from the host website, to your website.

At this stage, you might be interested in knowing why this has evolved into digital marketing’s go-to-strategy.

An effective implementation of blogger outreach helps-

  • Establish credibility
  • Reaches out to newer audiences
  • Brings more traffic to your website
  • Improves your website’s metrics and SEO scores
  • Converts visitors into consumers
  • Contributes to sales

As we have established the basic nature and benefits of Blogger Outreach, let us now get into a bit of details.

Blogger Outreach Agency: Pros and Cons

Most of the times individuals and brands have too much on their plates. They need some help with regard to blogger outreach services. The best blogger outreach agency helps brands by offering trustworthy, expert and affordable solutions.

However, contrarily, if you do not have the right agency your life can become a living hell. In addition to losing money, you might also end up losing your brand forever. Google comes down hard on offenders employing Black Hat blogger outreach strategies.

Some agencies and link resellers do not care about where you are linking, or the quality of the publisher. All they care about is ‘money’. Google reduces the metrics of a website found to be engaging in black hat strategies. Worst case- your website might be in-dexed by Google forever.

The Questions that you need to ask

It is imperative that you take all the right precautions when buying blogger outreach services from an agency. We have compiled a list of 5 questions that will help you avoid major catastrophes regarding blogger outreach.

1. Who is going to create the Content?

Your content is your identity and you should be very serious about it. If your agency is creating the content, please go through it before it is sent out to the publisher. A good idea is to hire an agency with an expert content writing team. You should review every piece of content that represents you online.

2. Where are my Backlinks going to be?

In addition to content, you need to keep a track of all the websites, which carry your backlinks. This is essential, as you do not want your links to land up on an adult or gambling platform. Request your agency to maintain transparency, when it comes to the publisher list, costs involved, and other details.

3. What are the metrics of the Blogger’s website?

Never ever, link to a website that has a poor metric score. This will reflect badly on your website. Always look for high Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rankings (DR) scores. You should review the traffic that the blogger receives, as well as the country he gets the maximum traffic. There are other metrics, but these three should top your list.

Is it a ‘Do-Follow’ link or a ‘No-Follow’ link?

A do-follow link contributes to your SEO score and helps raise the metrics of your site. A no-follow link does not help the SEO score. It just helps redirect traffic (a do-follow link does this as well). Always ask your agency about what kind of links they have been able to negotiate. Push for do-follow as it makes the agency work harder and longer.

Are we doing Blogger Outreach Add-Ons or not?

Effective blogger outreach is not restricted to just publishing content. The best agencies negotiate for-

  • Social sharing by the blogger,
  • Email marketing by the blogger, and
  • A newsletter campaign by the blogger.

Push your agency to secure all these add-ons for you. Again, it takes time, effort and negotiating skills. If they are good, they will make the blogger do it. If they aren’t any good, you will be missing out on a lot.


Effective White Hat Blogger Outreach is a double-edged sword. If you know what you are doing, you will not get hurt. If you do not know the right approach, you will get a deep gash. However, the above 5 questions will act as a precautionary step preventing you from such dangers.

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