Are you travelling to any location away from home? We are sure you will be searching for a comfortable hotel stay out there. But we suggest – try short-term rental homes at these places. They are better, more comfortable, convenient, and even budget-friendly than the hotels you occupy. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling for leisure purposes or it is a work-related tour, these rentals are very suitable for your stay.

Inquire about these essentials while booking your stay at short term rentals!

Now that you are convinced about our suggestion and want to try this accommodation for your next trip, ensure that you book the best house for your stay. Naturally, just like the hotels, you will get numerous types of house rentals to choose from. But seeking answers to these questions makes picking the best one for you easier.

Is the house well-maintained? – The rental house owners or managers will send you some pictures of the place as soon as you show any interest in booking them. But we all know that these pictures might have been clicked when the house was newly constructed. To ensure that the place still looks the same and you’re not getting duped, ask the managers or the owners of the house if it looks good presently. If possible, ask for a live video to confirm that the house is as impressive as the photos.

How many bedrooms are there in the house? –You should be aware of the number of bedrooms you are getting in a short-term rental house. If you have your family with you, you might want more than one bedroom. Well, there are several options available in such kinds of houses with one and many bedrooms. Apart from it, there could be the kitchen, laundry room, a separate dining room and even a backyard. You can have it all to yourself while you stay over there.

What about the furniture and appliances? – Mostly, these rented places are just like your second home. You get the regular stuff you find in your house in these places as well. But it is better to ask and inquire if you will get the cupboard, basic furniture, oven, stove and refrigerator in the kitchen. Also, don’t forget to inquire about the washing machine and ironing board if you intend to do your laundry. Also, air conditioners and heaters along with television would make your stay comfortable and homely.

What about the customer service? –You will be surprised to know that these short-term rental houses provide you customer services just like a hotel. Especially if you opt for Kasa living, Kasa ensures that you don’t have to juggle getting tea and searching for a towel from your bag while staying at their property. They provide round the clock customer service that helps you with all these whenever you want. (Unless you prefer an independent life out there!)

What about the COVID 19 precautions? – Because of the present situation, never book any hotel or even short-term rental house without inquiring about the covid 19 protections and protocols. Ensure that the place you are hiring maintains extreme cleanliness and sanitation. They keep a gap of at least a day or two between the bookings to sanitize the house. Also, inquire if the staff working there is vaccinated, and they provide daily cleaning service in the place! Without these factors, booking accommodation can be very risky.

Later, when you are satisfied with the answers you get to these questions positively, you can inquire about the tariff and even try to get a discount from the owners. Now, book the place for the dates you will be visiting this location and enjoy a carefree, private, and convenient plus safe stay at your preferred destination. You can thank us later.

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