The use of phones during school time remains a controversial issue. Some people believe that using phones could distract kids from studying. Others think that it is natural for kids to use their phones as an integral part of the learning process.

Although it makes sense to prevent kids from using their phones to browse social media pages or play video games, it is impractical to create a blanket policy that entirely eliminates the use of phones in schools. These are the reasons why a complete phone ban is unreasonable.

Phones are educational too

Given the availability of smartphones today, they serve several purposes that could help improve your child’s learning. Phones are also dictionaries, magazines, books, maps, and quizzes. They serve several purposes that help improve your child’s ability to learn and discover new things.

Cheap technology

Not every school can afford to provide computers for all the students for educational use. Not all parents can afford to provide a laptop for their kids. However, it is possible to find affordable smartphones that kids can use if they want to learn. Given how powerful smartphones are today, it seems counterintuitive to ban them.

Banning does not prevent phone use

You might think that banning the use of phones in classes would stop kids from using their phones. The truth is that they will find other means to keep using their phone. It is even worse since they will go unsupervised. They might even open banned sites that contain adult content. It is better for teachers to see what is going on and regulate phone activities.

Phones prepare young people for the future

Phones are already a part of modern society. Preventing kids from being aware of how to use a phone will hinder their learning outside school. The key is teaching them how to use their phones wisely and effectively so they can further their learning.

Connecting with other young people is crucial

Feeling accepted in a society is essential among children today. Not all of them have the capability of interacting with other kids and making friends. Others feel comfortable with social media. They will have the chance to talk to other children and express themselves in a way that they cannot when they are face-to-face with another person. Taking it away from them would tell them that you do not care about their acceptance in society.

Instead of banning the use of phones in schools, they need regulation. Teachers need to know what is going on and set rules on how to use phones to improve the ability of kids to learn. Since the constant use of the phone could lead to radiation exposure, it is essential to use cell phone radiation protection. Radiation gets blocked from penetrating the system and causing adverse effects.

Parents also need to be responsible for setting rules at home so that it is easier to discipline kids at school.


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