The innovative Leather Link, Apple’s most recent high-end Apple Watch band, is an excellent option for its extravagance. It is kept in place by magnets enclosed in authentic leather belts.

Apple announced a few new band options when it unveiled the Watch Series 6. The fluid silicone Solo Loop and the more carefully constructed Braided Solo Loop were presented. The company also showcased the two-piece apple watch leather link and its new one-piece straps.

This model has been widely discussed ever since its release. The leather loop, launched previously, became popular quickly, and users loved it. But the latest model captured the most attention because of its unique look. It is difficult to say much about this band without using it first. However, you might be concerned, thinking that it would appear absurd when worn daily because it seems extra funky.

But, after you wear the band for a few days, you will realize that the assumptions were incorrect and that this strap can easily be the most popular one for Apple Watches.

Reasons To Consider Using The Leather Link

Amazing Design

In contrast to the traditional design, the latest Leather Link is a belt that has become popular. It has a remarkable two-section structure. Along with the conventional dark and yellow California Poppy color options, it is also available in Baltic blue and earthy Saddle hues.

A few magnets are sandwiched between two parts of the material that make up each surface of the band. The belts can be pulled apart (it takes a lot of pressure to isolate them), but when each side is separated, it gets untied from your wrist. To firmly hold the tie in your hand, fold the longer side of the link around the short side.

The Leather Link comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes and fits all models, including more traditional 38mm and 42mm measures.

It Fits Well And Is Comfortable

This new band has two sizes – small and large. The belt is comfortable no matter what size. They usually become cold quickly, especially if you buy the Milanese loop or the Sports Band. As one moves into winter, the apple watch leather link is much more comfortable to wear.

It is fantastic equipment to have on while going to bed if you use the sleep tracking feature on your timepiece. If you end up lying down with your hand below your head, it is delicate and comfortable on your wrist.

The belt has undoubtedly been the most easy-to-wear one that customers wear daily. It is delicate, versatile, and can be altered in detail to fit precisely where you want it.

Durable And Stylish

Compared to others, their strap material is inferior, the magnets are relatively weaker, and the fringes degrade after little use. However, customers have been using the leather loop model since it was presented, and it still looks perfect despite a few marks, which is a problem if you have pets. Nevertheless, the belt also maintains its fashionable appearance after being occasionally cleaned with a typical cleaner.


When one sees Apple’s Watch straps, most models, despite being attractive, don’t appear as valuable as the Leather Link. The new model should be your first choice if you need a top-notch band for your timepiece.

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