Contractors and home owners in the United Kingdom and Ireland are now shifting towards external wall insulation for several reasons. If you have not considered installing external wall insulation, this article outlines some of the benefits of the insulation that you should consider. By the time you finish reading the article, you may consider hiring an external insulation contractor for your home, office, and other properties.

Of course, insulation costs a lot of money but you can take advantage of several types of grants offered in the UK and Ireland to reduce that cost.

1# It Saves Energy

External insulation will make your home much more energy efficient by preventing internal heat escaping. Your home will remain warm for a longer period without turning on any heating device. This reduces the amount of energy you’ll need to heat your home. With some homes seeing a reduction of up to thirty percent over the course of a year.

Most importantly, burning any kind of fuel is not great for the environment. The burning of fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which causes global warming. As an energy efficient home incorporating insulation helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuel, it makes for eco-friendly solution. Choose for best service if you’re located in the Seattle area.

2# It Reduces Sound Transfer

External wall insulation improves your home’s soundproofing. It prevents external noise from interrupting the tranquillity inside and it prevents, or at least minimises, the sound from your apartment from disturbing your neighbours. In other words, it keeps external noise outside and keeps internal noise inside. Of course, some noise will still escape, but if your child is playing the drums, you won’t have any angry neighbours.

To make the most of this, you may have to look at triple glazed windows as an extra addition as older homes with single pane glass windows do little to reduce sound.

3# It Gives Your Home A Face Lift

External wall insulation is like a complete makeover for your house, giving it a visually appealing finish. Not only are you making your home more energy efficient but also increasing the value, should be looking to sell at some point.

With a wide selection of colours to choose from, you can make your home stand out from your neighbours or blend into the countryside. There’s also a selection of different finishes that can be applied mimicking bricks or the traditional wet dash look.

4# Insulation Pays For Itself

Whilst external insulation is expensive, the great thing is that due to the reduction of your home heating bills, you’ll begin to see a return on your investment within about twelve years.

And when those twelve years are over, you’ll start putting money in the bank every year.

5# Insulation protects your home from damage

Condensation will form when the temperature of the wall or ceiling surface (or really any surface) reaches or below the dew point of the air. Some types of condensation are difficult to detect, since they occur inside walls, ceilings or floors, and it is possible that for a long time no symptoms appear at the surface level.

Any form of condensation leads to the risk of permanent damage to the structure of the house. Condensation can lead to mould growth, respiratory problems and poor indoor air quality, or it can lead to rising damp and rot, affecting the structural integrity of the house itself. Condensation, whether superficial or within the wall itself, should be avoided at all possible.

 The insulation material helps to reduce condensation by raising the temperature of the internal and external surfaces above the dew point, thereby reducing the likelihood of their formation. Condensation risk analysis helps installers determine the location and thickness of insulation required for condensation. will not become a problem for the future.To conclude, having gone through some of the benefits of external wall insulation, you will agree that no matter how costly the insulation might be, not having it is definitely the more expensive option. The longer it takes you to install yours, the longer you will keep losing money.


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