It is frustrating when you see physicians decide to leave their jobs in your hospital, especially when you worked hard to sign them up for the positions. It is a common issue across several hospitals all over the country. Before you give up, you need to understand first the reasons behind their decision, so you can also change how you manage the business.

Too many unnecessary tasks

Doctors are healthcare providers, and it is what they do best. If you require them to deal with other bureaucratic tasks, it will frustrate them. They did not apply for the job to become your secretary. Since you can find non-healthcare staff to do the other tasks, you can let them do it. Besides, looking for regular employees who will not work as healthcare providers is a lot easier. Be clear with the job description right from the start. If physicians need to start doing tasks they did not expect or were not informed about, it might cause them to leave.

Too many work hours

Healthcare providers are not robots. They need to rest too. If asked to work too many hours, they might decide to leave the job. It is not only because they feel tired, but they also fear that their physical state will make it challenging for them to provide quality healthcare. Since their professional reputation is on the line, they might decide to give up the job.

Low salary

Physicians spend years or even an entire decade in medical school. They spent a lot of money and effort to get their license to do the job finally. If offered low pay, they will gladly say no. Besides, they know that there are other hospitals and clinics out there that need physicians and will pay better. They could even opt for private practice. They will not stay in a job that does not pay well.

Too many patient appointments in a day

Some hospitals allow their physicians to work only within a reasonable number of hours. However, within the work period, they have tons of patient appointments. As a result, physicians get disappointed and are unable to carry out their responsibilities well.

It seems like the primary reason why physicians leave is that hospital management tries to make them work more for less pay. Not all hospitals are earning well given how expensive the facilities and equipment are. It is not an excuse, though, for not treating healthcare providers correctly. Again, physicians can find a job elsewhere any time they want. If you wish to retain their services, you need to change how you deal with them.

You can also work with physician recruiters like the ones at if you wish to hire the best people for the job. Once a physician leaves the organization, you can soon fill that vacancy with the aid of a firm. Make sure though you implement policy changes first before you start hiring again.


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