For several years now, Bowflex has gained a huge popularity by the virtue of its excellent fitness equipment. Not only does it has users in mind when designing them, the equipment has also turned out to be the best in the market when it comes to durability and effectiveness. You can find the best folding elliptical with them. They also have the best budget elliptical with them. Once again, the M3, which is the entry-level in the Max Trainer series of the fitness equipment produced by the trusted Bowflex Company, has been making good waves among fitness machines. Not only is The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 very affordable, it also comes with various unique features and design that allows you easily engage your full body and burn twice as many calories as you would with other fitness equipment.

M3 is designed to include the drive and power needed to truly challenge the user. And unlike treadmills, the Max Trainer M3 has a zero impact on the joints and the body as a whole, also making it a perfect elliptical for the seniors as well as people recovering from injuries. With M3, you wouldn’t have to worry about your joints and some injury-prone areas like the knees and the back as the machine delivers a 200% less impact than even running.

The elliptical comes with an adjustable resistance level, allowing you to workout at your own pace and it’s designed to support users’ weight up to 300 pounds. If you are looking for Bowflex Max Trainer M3 reviews, this post is for you. Below are 6 top reasons you should consider the Bowflex Max Trainer M3.

#1: Functional Design

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is designed in such a way that it allows you to easily engage your full body, helping you burn the highest number of calories possible and leaving you completely injury-free.

The elliptical trainer has everything you will need for a comfortable workout. It comes with a relatively large foot pads, a convenient cup holder, and even a mount for your phone or tablet making it easy for you to listen to your favorite playlist while you workout.

The M3 Max Trainer is lightweight, aesthetic, and quiet, giving you the chance to exercise in any room and at any time of the day without disturbing the other members of the family. It’s designed to support up to 300 pounds (lbs) of weight and has the ability to run for an extended period of time without any issues. It is beautifully designed and will look good in any room with its easy transportation system.

#2: Elliptical Trainer and Stair-climber combined for full body engagement

The M3 Max Trainer owes its effectiveness in burning more calories to its hybrid combination of the best feature of a stair-climber and that of an elliptical trainer. You are able to fulfill your intense cardio goals from the stair-climber motion and also get to work your upper body part with its moving handlebars which you would normally find on an elliptical trainer. Therefore, M3 is actually providing you the great opportunity to simultaneously exercise BOTH your upper and lower body. That form of full body engagement has been proved over time to give more results with little perceived level of exertion. You can also target different upper body muscles with the Max Trainer M3 as its handlebars also have multiple grips.

#3: Quality and Durability

The Max Trainer M3 is well known for its high-quality and durability. It is made using the high-quality stainless steel and was able to meet its functional abilities as the bearings are also made from high-grade finishes. This ensures durability and prevents squeaking when in use. You would not have to bother yourself with comfort while using the Bowflex Max M3 as it is designed to provide maximum comfort while exercising to give you the maximum result from your workouts. It will serve you for a longer period of time, compared to other elliptical trainers, ensuring you get the most returns on your investment. To cap it all, the machine comes with a one-year warranty from Bowflex. Obviously, nothing beats that!

 #4: M3 is Zero Impact

Unlike many other forms of exercise which could be either low or high impact on the joint and some other injury-prone areas like the back, Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is virtually zero impact. Let’s compare the M3 with your outdoor running – instead of pounding the pavement with every stride, your body remains in contact constantly with pedals for super-smooth motion. This is offering you a great comfort with reduced risk of injury while it also allows you speedily burn calories. When harsh impact is completely removed from removed from workouts, your body will also be free of been compromised by stress. Instead, your body works more efficiently, helping you burn more calories per minutes and also prevents you from getting tired so quickly. Training for a longer time before resting becomes super-easy.

#5: More Exercise in Less Time

When we engage in full body workouts – engaging the whole of our muscles at once, we are also activating the maximum number of fat-burning mechanisms in our body. For instance, with your normal jogging, you could only burn around 100 calories in a period of 15 minutes. But spending 15 minutes on the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 can help you burn more fat of up to 280 calories while it also works every area of your body.

You are able to burn that much calories because the machine helps you activate everything. This is one of the major features of the Max Trainers, especially the M3 and that has brought it to the top of the market as it makes it less expensive and faster to lose weight.

#6: Upward Movement and Moving Handlebars

It could be more energy-intensive exercising uphill naturally than it could be at a zero-degree angle. Without irritating your knees, you get the speeding calorie burn you can get with running or climbing stairs when on the M3 Max Trainer. The Max trainer also recruits your upper body with its moving handlebars. This will, of course, help you burn more calories as it allows you to change grip and hone in on different muscle groups in just a single workout.

Bottom line:

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is an excellent choice for intense full body training with minimal risk of injury as it offers a zero impact on your joints. Its compact design allows it fit into just anywhere in your home, and its industrial design and quietness is a great bonus.

This is just the best elliptical trainer you could ever get that will offer a full body workout and allows you burn twice as much calorie at such an affordable price. Bowflex is indeed a role model for other brands because of this amazing piece.


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