For large firms, an IoT smart cellular router is a must-have. It offers state-of-the-art wireless connectivity for smart cities, industrial environment and complex mobile. It also helps organizations maximize Internet speed and get all smart devices connected to the Internet at all times. IoT smart commercial routers are designed with mission-critical applications in mind. That is why they offer dual cellular modules, to provide immediate failover to a second connection for near-constant uptime.

One great thing about these routers is their level of reliability which is especially valuable for IoT applications in moving vehicles between cell towers, Industrial monitoring and control that requires 100% availability. If you own a large firm and still wondering why you need an IOT smart industrial router, here are 4 reasons you should consider buying one.

Speed: Due to the recent advancement in technology, the IoT landscape has changed radically. And there is a need for more data-intensive IoT applications that offers high speed for cellular technologies. IoT Smart routers are built on hardware platforms that support high speed and bandwidth optimization, thereby giving customers the opportunity to future-proof their IoT deployments. In addition, it also makes use of Bluetooth 5.0 incorporated into it to ensure high transmission rates even in long-distance and lower power consumption.

Flexibility and Versatility: Due to their flexibility and versatility, IoT smart routers are already gaining ground and offering limitless possibilities in three specific markets which include: 

  • Transportation: Industrial Smart routers are used in the transport industry to enhance connectivity for logistics, engines, fleet tracking, fare collections, video monitoring and drivers performance monitoring. 
  • Smart Cities: Most IoT smart routers have the LTE Cat-6 and Bluetooth 5.0, which makes them an ideal hub for Bluetooth sensors that need to communicate with a high degree of reliability. It is also perfect for traffic control, lighting management, disaster monitoring and independent living management.
  • Industrial IoT: Due to its carrier aggregation, dual redundancy and support for multiple interfaces, IoT smart routers are perfect for utilities, manufacturing, machine builder and infrastructure companies that need to monitor and control high-value assets.
Smart Industrial Router

Design: In addition, an IOT smart cellular router comes in great designed. It is created with the Linux operating system; it also has advanced networking features and protocol which provides customers with a seamless experience. An IoT smart cellular router can also be customized to unlock full potentials for customers who want more customizations. 

Manage devices and users easily and efficiently: Industrial routers also give organizations and customers complete control over the use of their network. With these routers, large firms can choose who gets access to the network and who doesn’t. Besides, they can receive notifications when staff tries to access restricted areas and also stop the device from working at any time. 

Do you want an IoT smart cellular router which has all the features listed above? Then you should consider buying the Robustel High Speed Smart LTE /LTE-A Router (R2110) . This rugged cellular router offers state-of-the-art mobile connectivity for Internet of things applications. 

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