Registering a New Zealand Domain Name: A Guide

Choosing your domain name and completing the registration process is essential because it is more than just a street address; it is part of your brand. In New Zealand, registering a domain name using domains4less gives you the chance to be creative and brand your New Zealand business. But you shouldn’t concentrate on one extension, so someone else won’t file a similar domain name. We’ll take you through domain name registration process.

How to Choose a .nz Domain Name 

The choice of your .nz domain name can be as overwhelming as any other domain name. But you can improve your attempt by doing two things. Using your company or sell name. This strategy makes perfect sense, as Google likes brands a lot, it has many SEO advantages.  However, if the brand name is unavailable, submit a niche-specific keyword. These are known as Keyword Domains, and although they no longer have a heavy SEO weight, they are still extremely helpful as strong precise signals. They also promote and convert because of their concise nature. A domain name such as tells users what you’re doing. 

This way, you can even have it on your business card and it speaks volumes and encourages more clicks on your site. Most top domain name generators only require you to insert a seed name and generate ideas in minutes.

There are certain items to remember when selecting your name: 

Length: it’s best to keep your name below 15 characters. People remember them better when they’re small. That’s why some websites use their domain name abbreviations. The trick is discovering users’  preferred nickname. 

Spelling: Report errors when registering your domain name. This lets you direct traffic easily to your web site. If not, your competition could halve your traffic. 

Target: You must register your company’s domain name, so when it’s New Zealand, you can register a, or only a .nz. Alongside a .nz domain name, you can find a generic business name. For example, choose .pizza or .lawyernow. However, these forms can be counterproductive since spamming may appear. 

Legal: There are several big brands in New Zealand, and you can have a trademark-like domain that may already be copyrighted. It also extends to brands outside the country and registering those domain names can cause thousands of dollars of trouble and infringement. 

Registration Requirements

A domain name registrant is required to provide the domain name they have chosen, and they need to be a minimum age of 18. Several registrars have software on their websites to search for ideas on domain names and then register them. You can conveniently sign your chosen name like most domain name generators. You must also give your name. It’s important to give your name and your business, in addition to technical contact information and administrative contact information.

Other requirements include:

  • Privacy options 
  • Registrant preferences 
  • DD record list
  • Name server list

The registrant must also ensure proper filling-out and formatting of all required fields.

The Process of Registering a New Zealand Domain Name

When you have an idea of a domain name, it is up to the registrar to sign it for you. Naturally, ICANN must first be approved by you. The website of ICANN provides information on each registrar.

There is no distinction between the registrar you use and the registrar you have may have downloaded. However, there are several variants and when you buy a local domain name it is best to purchase from someone in New Zealand. 

Ensure that the registrar is accredited by ICANN. Log in to the ICANN website to see the updated registrar list. You can consider a registrar when you decide to launch a WordPress website that also offers you a web server. You save time and money, and a lot of people do this in New Zealand. From start to finish, the web hosting company configures everything. 

You can then go ahead and pay for the domain name once you have selected your chosen domain name. PayPal in New Zealand is safe and commonly used making it a suitable payment process.

Locking in your Registration

The concept of locking the domain name until registration is backed by the need to protect against human errors and unauthorised activities. It’s easy to unknowingly change our main domain servers, which can seriously affect the website and our business.  

You also lock your newly registered domain name so unauthorised persons cannot move your domain to another registrar or web host without notice. Sign in with your registrar and find the “my domains” button to lock your domain name. 

Then press the’ padlock’ icon, showing you ‘lock’ and ‘unlock’ options. If you can’t unlock your account name, don’t be alarmed. Primarily due to ICANN’s strict rules, if a domain name is registered, it cannot be transferred to another registrar after 60 days of registration. 

This is supposed to deter fraud. Fortunately, if licensed, you can still use your domain name.

How Many Years Should you Register a New Zealand Domain for?

Renew your .nz domain name annually once you’ve registered. You can also register your New Zealand domain name for up to 10 years if you sign to that effect. 

This will mean that you will not run back in for renewal after 12 months. However, there are also more benefits to register for a longer period, apart from not having to renew it annually. In addition, you need to protect your business from renewal shortages, particularly if you have worked hard to attract a lot of visitors.


Now you’ve got a domain name in New Zealand. The next move should be to get a web hosting account to help you start the site using your domain name, or you can redirect it to a website already launched


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