Health insurance in Switzerland is a major expense that is mandated by the government. Though it provides immediate access to healthcare in cases of accidents, illnesses, and even maternity, the costs of health insurance are rising every year.

It is crucial that you undertake a health insurance comparison before choosing the right plan for your requirements. But it is not as simple as it looks either. The basic compulsory insurance is usually sufficient if you are reasonably healthy and do not foresee the need for extensive medical aid, but neither does it cover all the requirements.

So, before you choose or change your health insurance plan, make sure that you do a thorough health insurance comparison to save costs on your plan.  

Best ways to save with health insurance comparison

Basic health insurance comparison

Though basic insurance is the same for everyone, there is a difference in the level of services provided by different insurers. Remember during your health insurance comparison that the benefits are the same, so focus on maximizing your savings with the right plan. 

Choose higher deductibles

Even with compulsory insurance, there are various options for you to reduce your premiums while making a health insurance comparison. The deductible is the annual amount you would choose as your contribution before the insurance kicks in. For example, a regular deductible would be around 300 CHF. But if you choose higher deductibles, you can reduce the premiums you pay every month. 

Restricted healthcare models

Another option is to check for restricted healthcare models while undertaking a health insurance comparison. According to your needs, if you are okay with consulting specific doctors for your requirement, you can save on premiums. The principle is that the insurer-approved doctor will examine you first and then recommend you to the appropriate expert if the need arises.

You can check the compulsory health insurance premiums data published by the Swiss government to choose between standard, HMO, family doctor, and even telemedicine options while performing a health insurance comparison. You can also choose a combination of these models if you think that would serve your healthcare needs. 

Exclude unnecessary requirements

Though Swiss health insurance is famous for being comprehensive, it can also become more than necessary. For example, if you are employed with the same employer for more than eight hours a week, you are automatically insured by them for any accidents. They are also responsible for non-work accident insurance which covers any treatment for injuries outside your workplace.

But the basic insurance includes accident insurance unless you cancel it voluntarily. So, make sure you are aware of this rule when doing a health insurance comparison and save the costs that are included in your basic insurance. Otherwise, you are paying for redundant coverage.

By choosing to exclude accident coverage, you can save around 10% on your compulsory insurance premiums. 

Choose different insurance providers

One other way is to not limit your insurance to one provider. It is not compulsory for you to have the same insurer for your basic and supplementary insurance policies. For your health insurance comparison, first start with all your requirements and then choose the right policy accordingly. 

Payment Terms

Certain insurance providers offer benefits if you choose to make your annual premiums in advance. Make sure to check the terms during your health insurance comparison so you can choose the most cost-effective policy for your healthcare requirements. Also, some of them offer higher discounts if you set up direct account debits for premiums. 

Third-party Health Insurance Comparison

The government regularly publishes an overview of insurance premiums which you can peruse while making a health insurance comparison. Moreover, with third-party websites, you can also consider the public surveys that they conduct to measure different intangible aspects of different providers. 

This is important not only to save your premium costs but also to ensure that you get a good insurance comparison on factors that you prefer. For example, not all of them offer urgent customer care to clear your doubts in emergencies. Also, it is important to consider which of them offer flexible payment terms.


A comprehensive health insurance comparison [To Compare health insurance in French -> ] helps you save significantly on health insurance plans. All it takes is researching the right sources and making sure that you do not miss out on any factor that is important for you.

The government publishes a lot of insurance data which you can leverage while deciding. But, even then, you must consider all aspects of health insurance as applicable for you, so you don’t spend unnecessarily on premiums. Also, please remember that you cannot choose the additional coverage as it becomes necessary. Supplementary insurance is provided as per the insurers’ discretion so if you require any additional procedure and then apply for cover, you must disclose it beforehand.

Make sure that you consider all the tips shared here to maximize your savings on premiums.

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