Whether you have been sexually active for a while or have had unprotected sex with someone whose sexual health is unknown, forming the habit to go for STD testing in Winter Park or any other place near you can be beneficial. Contemporary Women’s Care can help you have peace of mind by testing your sexual health through screening, diagnosis, or treatment for an STD.

Other reasons you need STD testing include:

1.  Getting tested promotes good health

Both men and women can get STDs and not know it. A disease like syphilis and genital warts can damage your reproductive organs when left undetected or untreated. Women are more at risk of developing cervical cancer and infertility if they have untreated STDs. When it gets to this point, the damages are so irreversible that your health could be at risk for the rest of your life.

2.  Your test results come in a matter of minutes or hours

Gynecologists understand that most patients may not wish to get tested because of anxiety issues or they may be uncomfortable asking for help. Waiting up to two days to get your results may have you imagining the worst. Fortunately, STD testing is quick and easy. For a test like HIV, all it takes is an oral swab. If they need to be more thorough, Gynecologists might require you to provide a urine sample. The longest wait time is three hours, depending on the facility.

3.  Early detected STDs are treatable

A person who goes for regular STD testing has higher chances of knowing the status than one who waits until symptoms appear. Once an STD is detected, it is easy for your doctor to design a personalized medical plan. Most of the diseases are treatable and manageable. The earlier you are tested, the higher your chances are of getting treatment before causing irreversible damage.

4.  STDs cannot be detected without testing

A person can look healthy, but it does not mean they are. You cannot know someone has developed an STD using your naked eyes. If you have a sexual partner, talk to them to go get tested. It is easier to go as a couple to know your status, rather than going alone and hope your partner is safe.

5.  STD treatment plans rely on screening results

Regardless of your sexual tendencies, there should be no underlying worry about STDs.  There is no shame in getting screened for STDs. If you have STDs, your doctor can diagnose you with specific prescriptions that are right for you. Different prescriptions and treatments are specified for certain types of STDs, and results may vary. 

Go for STD screening today

Securing your sexual health is an important decision you need to make to ensure good health. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. Delaying going for STD screening is not an option. During your visit, tell your doctor everything about your sexual life to get a solution to your predicament. To learn more about STD testing methods, schedule a consultation with a gynecologist today.

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