SEO Mistakes You Should Refrain From Committing In 2017

Seo Mistakes

Voluntarily or involuntarily, you have been committing mistakes while practicing your SEO that missed to yield the desired result. The logic can be the undesired mistakes and non-result oriented methods that you’ve been relying on for search engine optimization.
If you regularly question yourself as why your website ranking is not progressing despite all the efforts that you put on, practicing the approved SEO customs. The point has arrived when you discover out where you lack.

Let’s take a deliberate look at the mistakes that we’ve been committing, and refrain from in 2017

1. Blunders with the content

Sometimes we fail to apprehend the significance of content in our SEO policies. Let’s say your website is the emperor, then your content is the reputed general of the cavalry who triumphed numerous occasions to assist you to expand. We have been supporting the very old routines with the content, and when we fail, we end up with a bad taste in the mouth.

Here are few areas where you need to improve:   

  • The length of the content: Content can be of any category-text, image, and video. Whichever category we talk about, there are certain rules that you follow to get good ranking on your website, and then there are some which get you shockingly enormous traffic. Length of the content is one of them. On grounds of written content, search engine always prioritizes content that is above 2000 word. Taking this as an opportunity, fill the content with all the relevant information that you can fit in, make it like the encyclopedia. A well written lengthy content is identical to 10 of lower word count and traffic.
  • Follow the trending structure: The trending content structure preferred by readers is ‘listing’. Listing is sharing information one by one, in a systematic format with the reader. Using bullets to highlight important points related to your content.
  • Using Infographics and images: Readers love facts and numbers which instigates them to draw the picture of reality. Using infographics rather than sharing facts and numbers in written form is considered a better choice. Moreover, infographics have been shared number of times than any written content.  
  • Writing on popularity verified topics: Most of the contents that are available online present the same story, in the same way or other. If you write on topics that are new for the readers, the content will instantly catch the attention and will gain you the desired traffic. What you need to do is find the topic that is being liked by the readers. How would you do that? Go to buzzsumo or several other tools that do the same thing and choose the trending topic

2. Ignoring Webmaster

Web master has always been the wellwisher for every blogger or website owner. Using the tips of webmaster you can improve your website on technical and non-technical grounds.
Here’s how the webmaster can help you:

  • Content keywords: Finding keyword is easy, so why do we need the webmaster to help us in this, isn’t the question currently rolling in your mind? Okay, so the reason you should use webmaster is, the webmaster will present keywords according to the perception of Google about your website.
  • Removing URL’s: Sometimes, some people will link your page to their website. You don’t know about it, it might be irrelevant, or on website with lower domain authority which can result in lowering your website’s SERP. Using webmaster you can keep a check on these links and remove if necessary.
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