She refused to go back to him and instead decided to shoot his ex-girlfriend in a cafe full of people in Austin.

She refused to go back to him

Sadly, another community violence incident recently occurred in Austin, Texas. This latest act of violence was attempted assault or murder carried out by a second party in retaliation for an earlier attempt by the first party. Security sources announced that surveillance cameras exposed Gavin’s Rush’s attempt. Mr. Rush is an Austin attorney who pulled a gun and tried to shoot his ex-girlfriend while she was working as a waitress in a restaurant, reported  .

According to Nikita Veid, vice president of community services at the SAFE Alliance, “It’s an attempt to regain control when the victim tries to end the relationship.”

Rush and his girlfriend of three years broke up about a month and a half before the shooting.

Prior to theengagement ending, Rush wanted it to continue. However, when she refused, police said he sent several text messages threateningto harm both her and her new fianc√© if she didn’t respond back to him. When the woman stopped responding entirely, he learned through mutual friends that she was at her workplace in North Austin.

When Rush went to the coffee shop and the woman he approached refused to talk to him, he pulled out a gun and shot her. people who were sitting close by rushed over, trying to immobilize him while also taking away his weapon. though they fought tooth and nail, eventually they succeeded in subduing him.

According to Veid, it can be tricky to discern when domestic violence starts since it doesn’t always manifest as physical abuse. However, there are early warning signs that abusive behavior is present. thankfully, the victim in this case had friends who cared enough to intervene and potentially saved her life as a result.

Controversially, Rush was actually granted provisional release from prison, prompting criticism from the president of the Austin Police Association, Thomas Villareal. In his statement he said in part: “This particular case appears to be one where the courts have failed with this victim.”

City Councilman Mackenzie Kelly, whose constituency includes the site of the crash, tweeted a video showing the incident and wrote what means he should have been behind bars. “When the abuser is released, it is a very scary time for the victim,” Veid said.