I’m not saying that if you do not follow our advice, you will not achieve sales success. This article tells you that there is a chance your potential additional profit, over and above your sales targets (which does not include the use of these applications) might still go unearned.

The first matter we should discuss is the role of these app combinations. On the one hand, you should understand that the use of a few applications separately will not bring you the success you have been hoping for. On the other hand, the right application of effective app combinations will help you increase your sales much faster, and your profit will also increase tremendously.

Here is an example from my sales plan, through which which I can show you how the profit you were going to get and your potential profit may differ:

I used average data from a children’s product web store’s on a typical weekday as an example:

  • Conversion – 2.5%
  • Visitors per day – 5,000
  • Average order value $105
  • Orders per day – 125
  • Gross Profit per day – $7,180

According to average data from the past 7 years , I can say that Black Friday has a beneficial effect on your sales if you understand the right combinations of applications. Sales conversion can rise by 50%, traffic figures rise 2.5 times more than usual, and the average order value decreases by 20%.

As each shop has its own factors and features, it is okay if the numbers in your shop’s data are different. The important thing is that you see an example of how your usual data looks like and how the app combinations can raise your income. Look at my shop’s data after the Black Friday in 2015:

  • Conversion – 3.5%
  • Visitors – 10,490
  • Average order value – $84
  • Orders – 368
  • Gross Profit – $16,955

I doubled my profit that day but now I understand that there could be a lot more to come.

How To Raise Your Sales

How To Raise Your Sales Shopify App CombinationsI started going through my shop’s data during Black Friday 2015, and started thinking about my mistakes and what I could change for the better. Then I realized that the average order value consistently decreased. So I asked myself how my income would change if the average order value stayed the same. I set my mind to keeping the average order value the same as on any usual weekday.  

I achieved success, and the average order value equaled $102, despite it being $84 the year before.

Compare the data from Black Friday 2016 to 2015:

  • Conversion – 3.9%
  • Visitors per day – 12,500
  • Average order value – $102
  • Orders per day – 487
  • Gross Profit per day – $27,320

Thanks to the applications that made the average order value of my shop increase, I earned more money than I was hoping for.

Earn More Using The App Combinations

Here are some applications which I found the most useful in my work:

  • Bulk Discounts & Sales Scheduler


Bulk Discounts Sales Scheduler Shopify App CombinationsWhat was it created for and how can it help increase our sales?

If your store has as many products as mine, you definitely need this application. Thanks to this app, you can add discounts to hundreds of products in about 30 minutes. As I have 1,000 or so goods in my store, it usually took me at least two days to do this job.

  • Quantity Discount & Tiered Pricing


Quantity Discount Tiered Pricing Shopify App CombinationsWith the help of this application, your customers can get information about discounts more quickly, and it will definitely attract their attention to your shop.

This app gives you the opportunity to create discounts for any quantity of a product simultaneously. For example, if one item costs $30, 2 items could cost $55, 4 items – $47. Customers see that it is more cost effective to buy 4 items for $47 than 1 item for $30. It is a great way to compare prices and decide what is better to buy.

Fortunately, you will not have any trouble with this app because it is very easy to understand how it works. Spend a few hours exploring this application and your sales will rise sharply.

  • Upsell for Products – Buy X Get Y

Upsell for Products Shopify App CombinationsThis app was developed for people who are interested in buying some additional products to round out their initial purchase. For example, if you buy a phone, you may want to buy some accessories for it.

So, I chose some products that could draw people’s attention and get them to buy it with their main order. For example, you can highlight shirts and underwear as extra products for those who order children’s gowns, and headwear and clothes for people who buy children’s jumpers.

  • Abandoned Cart Reminder

Abandoned Cart Reminder Shopify App CombinationsA client may add a product to their cart without leaving any contact information and forget about it. With this app, they see a reminder at the top of your site. Of course, you cannot draw everybody’s attention to this reminder, but you can attract some people and remind them to finish their purchase.

To summarize, these applications will definitely help you if your goal is to promote your shop on Black Friday and earn as much money as you can. However, it is up to you to decide whether you want to use this app combination or not.

Good luck on Black Friday!