As the part of your home that keeps everything beneath it warm and protected from the elements, the well-being of your roof is essential to maintaining the health of your home. While homeowners often take the structural integrity of their roofs for granted, it is essential that you perform periodic assessments of this part of your home in order to ensure that it is safe.

While you may need a professional roof inspector to verify the stability of your roof, there are many obvious signs to watch out for that can indicate an unsafe roof. There are usually recommended inspection and testing guidelines for some roof components such as roof anchor point testing in Sydney. For those looking to check out their own home for stability, however, it can sometimes suffice to look for some of the classic warning signs.

Let’s look at six specific signs that indicate that your roof is unsafe.

Moss Growth

If you notice that the small bits of moss growth on your roof have dramatically increased and spread to cover a large area, then you might consider taking action to correct this. Occasionally, algae and moss growth can appear as dark patches on your roof. These patches can also indicate that your shingles are deteriorating and need to be replaced.


If your roof is actually sagging, then you likely have a serious problem with your roof. This usually implies that the structure of your roof has become unstable and needs to be replaced or repaired soon. Especially if you live in an area that receives some snow, this added weight may be able to cause your roof to collapse entirely.

Exposed Nails

When looking at your shingles, make sure to check if any nail heads are sticking out of your roof. It is important that all nails are firmly embedded in your roof to plug the holes that they made when your roof was first built. If they become loose due to rain or sunlight over time, then the holes that they leave make ready points for water to enter your attic.

Missing Shingles

If you notice that many of your shingles have fallen or blown off of your roof, then it might be time to investigate how safe your structure is. Over time, shingles deteriorate and can fall off due to exposure to the elements. Areas with missing shingles are prime candidates for leaks the next time it rains in your area.

Interior Water Damage

You can bet that if you notice water damage inside the upper levels of your home, you likely have a serious roof leakage problem. It is important to catch these leaks early in order to ensure that mould and rot do not develop. These substances can destroy your home and even present a serious health hazard for your household.

Old Roof

If your roof is old, then there is a good chance that there are, at least, some minor things wrong with it. If your roof is older than about twenty years, it is worthwhile to get a roofing inspector to check it out. Professionals will be able to assess whether your roof is OK for a few more years or if it is time to renovate.

Protect Your Home And Your Household

Keeping your roof well-maintained is essential for protecting the investment you have put in your home and the well-being of your household. It will also keep you safer in the case of natural disasters. Making sure to put money into keeping it up-to-date will ultimately save you from expensive repair bills in the future.


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