Buying your first marri dining table for a home can be a daunting prospect for many people. Whether you’re upgrading from that peeling hand me down table you inherited, or it’s your first time buying a dining table, the sheer choice alone can be overwhelming. Obviously, if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re interested in adding a marri dining table to your interior decor for its practicality, durability, and considerable aesthetic appeal. Luckily for you, we’ve created 3 simple rules that will make your quest to find your perfect marri dining table, that much easier (you’re welcome).

1. Always Consider Clearance Space

A large dining table might be an attractive option for many people, because ‘the more the merrier’, right? While it seems obvious, choosing the right size table is an extremely important job. Too often people choose tables that are not suitable for their spaces. If your family and guests cannot easily sit down and you see them doing a sideways shuffle when moving around, it’s probably not the right table for your space. The golden rule here is to leave just under a metre of clearance around the backs of the dining chairs around your dining table. This will ensure that your diners will have adequate space to sit down and get up comfortably.

2. Size (And Height) Does Matter

This may seem to be contradictory to the first point, but it’s always a good idea to purchase furniture that’s a little larger than you might normally consider. Hear us out…A larger dining area with a smaller dining table sat in the centre of it, is a lonely looking waste of space. Perhaps you only have two or three people living in the house and consider a larger dining table an unnecessary use of space? While this may be true to a certain extent, life happens, families grow and before you know it you’re the designated host for your friendship group’s weekly games nights. So, if you’re want a dining space for future entertaining, you may want to factor this into your thinking. If you choose a custom marri dining table, you can always opt for folding, or extendable table leaves to adjust the table as needed.

3. Consider Space Issues

We get it, finding the perfect dining table for your home is kinda a big deal. While shopping for compact dining spaces can seem a bit daunting at first, it’s actually not at all. If the dining space is compact, you can make it more usable by choosing a style of dining table that best suits your room measurements. A round or oval dining table has a smaller footprint and by removing the corners of a square or rectangular table, you can make it easier to move around a space. A round table is a great fit for breakfast nooks, in-kitchen dining areas and smaller open living/dining area. Where space is limited, you can always make the dining table feel light and airy with glass panels. While this will require a little more maintenance, the extra light will certainly open up a smaller dining area.

One of the best things about a marri dining table is that it will be a unique piece of furniture for your home. Custom built pieces are far more affordable than you may imagine and it’s a great way to personalise your home. We at Jarrimber offer a range of marri dining table options, and more importantly, we love helping our customers find their perfect dining table! Pop in store and let us help you find your dreammarri dining tabletoday!


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