Your home printer can be something that gets a lot of use, depending on your individual situation. Yet, regardless of how much use it gets you still want it to be running at peak performance for when you need it. Not all printers are built the same, and you can easily tell from the price differences and features at your local shop that sells toner, Epson ink cartridges, different types of paper and other printer supplies. All printers do have the ability to get the job done effectively if you know how to treat them properly. There many different things you can do to improve quality, performance, and efficiency so your printer does exactly what it is supposed to do. You may also need to look at making some upgrades if it has been a long time since you have assessed the status of your printer.

If you have noticed your printer just isn’t working like you hoped it would, or maybe you are worried about ensuring that it continues to run well, there are many solutions available that can help you out. Whether you are scared of that little low ink/toner notice that always seems to pop up, or your prints are not coming out as you imagined, there are ways to handle it all.

Continue reading below to learn what you can do to improve your home printing setup so that you get the best prints possible.

Keep it Clean and Dry

At its most basic, a printer is an electronic device, which means you need to keep it clean and dry. Anyone who is careful about their electronics should know to always have a can of compressed air handy. You can use this to get rid of any dirt and dust buildup in those little spaces that other things just cannot reach. It is just as important to keep the humidity level balanced around your electronics. We say balanced because you also want to be careful about clogs in ink cartridges if it is too dry.

Check for Custom Install Options

Just about every piece of computer equipment you buy comes with software and applications pre-installed. A lot of the time these programs are really not essential and just take up much-needed memory. Depending on your printer you should have a custom install option. Choose just the extras you need to keep that printer running smoother and faster. It will make a huge difference, especially with all-in-one setups.

Give it Enough Space

Again, since a computer printer is an electronic device it will do what electronic devices do and produce heat. One of the worst things you can do for a printer is to have it in an enclosed space without enough airflow. When computer components start to overheat they also start to fail. This is not something you want to happen to something you spent your hard-earned money on.

Choose the Right Paper

If you plan on doing certain printing tasks, it makes sense to choose the proper paper to go with it. There are many different kinds of paper available than just the plain old computer stock you see everywhere. Find out which papers are going to be best for your tasks and spend the little extra to have your prints looking perfect.

Go Wireless

Most people will remember when wireless printers first came out and they were less than stellar. The idea was great, performance not so much. These days wireless printers are so much better, and they make it so easy to print from anywhere. Look into upgrading to wireless and it will improve your setup more than anything.

Print Your Work Properly

When it comes to home printing there are a lot of different factors to consider, but there is one main goal overall; perfect print jobs, done easily. As long as you take care of your equipment, monitor the performance, and use the right accessories you should be getting the most out of your home printer for a long time to come.