Women need to be more conscious about skincare during pregnancy. Hormonal changes cause skin problems throughout the trimesters. On top of these facial skin troubles, you should also be aware of stretch marks that can appear on your belly. Because once they appear and become noticeable, it can take some effort to get rid of them. These problems could get worse and become severe if appropriate care is not taken. There should be a proactive approach to skincare. Here are some quintessential skincare tips during pregnancy.

•   Drink plenty of water and exercise every day for healthy skin. This is a good preventative method to make your skin less vulnerable to stretch marks. If you already have stretch marks or observe some developing over the trimesters, you should immediately start using a stretch mark cream during pregnancy. Many women choose stretch mark treatment after pregnancy, but this is less effective. It is much easier to prevent stretch marks and stop them from getting worse. Choose a safe and effective stretch mark cream during pregnancy.

•   Your normal skincare routine should not be continued during pregnancy. The cleansers, exfoliating gels, creams or moisturizers, the lotions and makeup essentials or even the sunscreen need to be changed. The kinds of skin problems you are likely to experience will depend on many factors. The type of skin you have, whether it is drier or oilier, if it is supple or you already have some problems, will play a role and you must respond accordingly. The first product you must get is a cleanser, not the one you would normally use but a gentler variant. You may choose a facial cleanser that contains glycerin. You should not pick a cleanser that leaves any kind of residue.

•  Washing or cleansing and moisturizing should be a daily ritual. You should cleanse your face at least once. Do not exfoliate your skin more than necessary as it will aggravate dryness. Oily skin needs more frequent exfoliation. You should judge how often is sufficient. If exfoliating once every three days gets rid of the excess sebum and keeps your skin looking and feeling fresh, then that should be the frequency. You may need a more frequent exfoliating routine if you have excessively oily skin. Dry skin also needs timely exfoliation to get rid of dead cells. Again the frequency has to be chosen depending on your need.

•  You must choose a moisturizer depending on the skincare needs during pregnancy. Many women normally use oil or cream based moisturizers. These are good for dry skin but pregnancy often leads to excess production of sebum. This makes skin oilier than usual. Hence, a water based moisturizer or a lighter lotion may be better than the oil or cream based variants. It is necessary you observe and understand your skin before you choose all these products, be it a cleanser or moisturizer.

•  You should use a sunscreen every time you intend to spend time outdoors. The sunscreen or the moisturizer should be SPF 15 or higher. You must also choose one that has broad spectrum protection. This means the sunscreen or moisturizer with sun protection will be effective against ultraviolet A and B rays, not just the former. It is wiser to choose a sunblock with SPF 30 if you spend a lot of time outside and especially if it is summer.

• Many women experience acne breakouts during pregnancy. Acne is more common and severe for women who have oily skin. The first trimester is usually the worst time for acne. The breakouts can be serious and painful to touch. You should choose safe remedies containing glycolic acid, topical erythromycin, witch hazel or alpha hydroxy acid. Avoid makeup when you have acne. If you do not have a breakout, you should still limit your use of makeup. Do not block the pores in your skin. Allow the skin to breathe.

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