There are a lot of worries about robots taking jobs from flesh-and-blood humans in many industries, such as hospitality sector. In any case, to summarize an often-misquoted Mark Twain line, reports of our impending result may have been extraordinarily exaggerated.

People have created many advanced tools like smart robots. All the robots are devices that we can utilize when we give the correct instructions. The fact of the matter is that human and technology must cooperate with each other, people in charge and the smart tools giving what it is programmed to provide. The point that smart tools will replace the requirement for human’s creativity, engagement, critical thinking, leadership, cooperation and subjective initiative is somewhat stupid now. Instead, the idea that people can use technology to create a better world to us all is wiser.

Think about this: Medicine is one of the industries that have seen the greatest disruption of intelligent robots. Technology and smart robots can perform incredibly accurate diagnoses and delicate operation. Have doctors lost their jobs because of technology? The answer is “definitely no.” Doctors have just simply figured out how to give better medicinal services by working together with the new innovation.

What’s more, to hire robot butler to replace human workforce is a hot topic in the hospitality industry in recent years. However, according to the reports of The Wall Street Journal, the Henn na Hotel in Japan, which has employed nearly 250 robots to meet customer’s need since 2015, is cutting back on robot butler. The hotel will come back to more conventional human-provided services for customers and reduce its robotic staff by more than half. In any case, it will still keep a number of intelligent robots in some areas of the hotel where it observed them to be helpful and effective.

Make Smart Robot Your Co-Worker

The report shows that it’s better to create robots for tasks where they work together with trained staffers than attempt to utilize smart robots to replace your employees. Companies such as Huahui Tech are focusing on providing intelligent service robots which can help staff serve in hotel, restaurant and coffee house and so on.

Huahui Tech’s meals transfer robot is easy to use, so it can reduce training time. When guests’ meals are ready, what kitchen staff need to do is simply put the food onto robot’s tray and touch the designated booth on the screen set on the robot. When the meals are taken by customers from the robot, the hand sensor tapped on the top of it will send it back. The innovative robot from Huahui, not like a traditional robot, can run without track. It also equipped with advanced sensors which can avoid customers and obstacle.

Make Smart Robot Your Co-Worker

Recently, they launched its excellent food delivery robot PD BOT into the market. The advanced robot waiter will dramatically save labour cost and enhance efficiency for your restaurant. Want to know the secret? The secret to the high efficiency of Huahui’s robot waiter is its ability to perform multiple delivery tasks to different tables precisely at the same time, due to its advanced sophisticated algorithms and more than one trays on one robot. Moreover, the robot can cruise easily not need preset track thanks to its autonomous locomotion ability, so it is suitable for various places. Its trays are fixed on an inclined shelf and equipped with non-slip mats which empower the robot to move stably, preventing food from spilling out.

After embracing smart robot as staff’s co-worker, you will find that your team member usually go about their daily tasks with a smile when robots whizzed by on a task. Smart robots will reform guest service by giving hotel staff more opportunity to provide services for customers in the moments where it makes a big difference.

Robot Will Help Create Personalized Experience

In the hospitality industry, customer service works best when human staff and technology work in concert with one another. Workers figured out how to use robots to improve customers satisfaction and provide personalized services which turned into a win-win proposition with cutting edge technology.

With the robot in action, the employees liberate themselves up to finish other essential tasks, and in fact were even empowered to utilize the robot proactively as a customer satisfaction tool. Because it can help provide surprising little conveniences designed to light up a guest’s day.

No wonder there are a large amount of world-leading hotels have been taken over by robot butler, such as Hilton Hotels, Aloft Hotels, Yotel Hotels, Marriott International and so on. With smart robots’ help, they can fulfill the needs of guests productively.

In the quest for guest loyalty, hotel managers must look to strengthen their unique capabilities wherever they can. It’s an ideal opportunity to embrace and get ahead of the technology curve to make your hotel turn out to be increasingly customized. Personalized customer experiences will always have value, and technology is providing richer and more productive approaches to accomplish that. The technology required for personalized, customized guest experiences already exists, and hotels should pay attention to it.

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