So beautiful is Canada – Tips for the perfect trip

For those who do not want to spend their holiday as part of a conventional package tour, pack your passport and set off on an impressive round trip to wild Canada. Whether it’s the weather, the scenery or the interesting people – there’s plenty to experience and discover in Canada. The following article shows what should not be missed out on an exciting trip through Canada. 

This is Canada

After Russia, Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of area and is located in North America. It borders the USA in the northwest and south, and Greenland in the northeast. 

The country consists of three territories and ten provinces. The provinces on the Atlantic Ocean, Novia Scotia, which should definitely be explored on a road trip to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward and New Brunswick are in the east, with Labrador and Newfoundland being the easternmost regions of Canada. Quebec and Ontario are in the west of the country. Prairie provinces include Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories are in the north of Canada. 

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, located on the river of the same name. The city has a population of approximately 1.1 million, although it is only the fourth largest city in the country. Since Canada has an area of almost 10 million km², there are six different time zones within the country. For more Read

Canada also has an enormous variety of climate zones. Visitors can therefore look forward to a cool temperate, continental, maritime and polar climate. 

Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Water is definitely the element of the province of Nova Scotia, which is located on the Atlantic Ocean and should definitely not be omitted on a trip to Canada. There are about 5,400 different lakes in the province’s region, which are particularly popular with water sports enthusiasts. Halifax is the largest city in the region and also one of the most important cities in the country. Furthermore, Nova Scotia impresses with impressive coastal roads and the only distillery for single malt whisky in Canada. 

New Brunswick, on the other hand, is the only part of the country that is officially bilingual. It is an area that has been historically strongly influenced by the Acadians, the French settlers. This is also reflected in the language. A unique sight is found at the mouth of the Saint John River – where the water runs backwards in the rapids. 

A visit to the Prince Edward Islands, where recreation is very important, is especially recommended for families. The water and air temperatures there are very pleasant and mild. So a trip to one of the many white beaches at 23 to 32 degrees is a great experience. 

Labrador and Newfoundland 

The oldest city in Canada is in Newfoundland. It is the capital of St. John’s, located on the Avalon Peninsula in the east. Most of the inhabitants are from Ireland and Scotland, so a visit to one of the many small pubs is definitely worthwhile. 

One of the last areas of true wilderness on earth is Labrador. Package tourism is far from having arrived there. It is a truly impressive and unforgettable experience to see polar rabbits, polar bears, porcupines, wolves and moose in their natural environment. Due to the large number of rivers and lakes, anglers also get their money’s worth.


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