Softamber Development professionals have combined their strengths and experience with a common goal: to become a true IT consultant for companies and professionals, able to provide them with a complete and highly professional service for the implementation and maintenance of their entire digital environment, starting from the development of software for the management of their business through to the implementation and maintenance of their network. Softamber team can implement supporting solutions, but also offer a customized assistance, one shot or periodic, for software quality control and measurement, testing on demand, performance and security assessment.

Why settle for standard programmes that do not match your company’s real needs, when you can benefit from a team of experts who are able to create tailor-made software projects based on a concrete analysis of the customer’s needs? The smartest strategies, the best trained professionals, everything can be useless if you can’t rely on IT tools capable of supporting your business activities in the best possible way, optimizing results, reducing time and cutting costs.

Softamber Development is a genuine software house which provides companies with a high-level software elaboration service in parallel with the development of websites, e-commerce and web applications. Softamber technical specialists, with their long experience and continuous training, are ready to provide the best solutions for software creation, whether we are talking about apps for mobile devices, client/server applications or management software.

Some solutions of Softamber

Cloud service management based on hyperscaler infrastructure is a convenient solution for those who are targeting a global consumer. Or, for example, it seeks to reach an audience that is geographically concentrated in close proximity to the cloud provider’s points of presence. Softamber Development manages client services in the clouds of global providers. Various models and scenarios are available to customers: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS – in a public cloud of one vendor, in a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud solutions. The main advantages: savings on IT infrastructure, no technical restrictions on the implementation of any, even an extremely complex project, the ability to focus on key business tasks. Cloud service management is a complete assistance in a managed IT format:

  • Deployment;
  • Cloud migration;
  • Cloud and service administration;
  • Monitoring;
  • Information Security;
  • Technical support 24/7;
  • Consultation on any product!

The ERPs and management software products designed and developed by Softamber are aimed at companies that meet well-defined functional specifications, based on management models and best practices. But customers may have additional needs dependent on their particular characteristics; in this case the software provider supports the customer in identifying and defining the functional requirements which can meet their needs, and develops software based on these requirements.

For example, Softamber develops tailor-made Business Intelligence projects for data analysis and business performance measurement based on the specific characteristics of the company. The company also ensures a constant maintenance and updating service for all software products it creates to ensure their functionality over time and guarantee the investment of customers.

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