When you have to pick cool sunglasses, there are two ways coma you can opt for the Classic model that has been shielding retinas since the grandfather’s days or you can go for what’s trending in terms of colours, shapes and errors. It is important to be able to sort the blinders and Click to read more.

Get it right and you will be gifted a face base upgrade, a seemingly simple piece of molded metal or plastic which can block harmful UV rays, instantly erasing hangover face and preventing crow’s feet while giving hundred percent extra Swag. With that in mind here are some styles trending hard  to ensure you eye up the right ones for your face.

How To Pick Sunglasses Style

Before getting into this season’s slickest shades , you need a grasp of which frames your mug will show off well.

For A Round Face

The main features of a circular face are similar width and length of a rounded jawline and soft features. Angular sunglasses add definition to this face shape, while deep colours minimise fullness and gradient lenses help to elongate the face.

 Thicker frames with wide Temples suit round faces as they add width but this face shape always stays clear of round sunglasses.

For Heart Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces have cheekbones with the tapered chin and broad forehead. Look for  clear plastic or light metal sunglasses that have broader bottom halves like Aviator shapes or angular shapes to balance the width of the chin. Avoid dark colour as they cut off the line of the face.

For Oval Shaped Face

Oval face shape is well-balanced overall, its longer than it is wide, so this should be kept in mind. Slightly square, teardrop lenses look great on old types of faces along with oversized lenses like aviators.  Try to avoid angular styles such as rectangular sunglasses as they may narrow the face

For Square Shaped Face

To soften  the defined lines you can select circular styles and tear drop shaped lenses. Metal frames will make faces appear softer , single colour or black frames are flattering  too . Try to avoid rectangular or square shapes as they draw attention to the angles and give the appearance of a shorter head.

The Sunglasses Trends

Round Sunglasses

The round sunglasses are the best for this season combining metal fronts and acetate arms like gucci sunglasses. Those who have square and diamond shaped faces best suit these frames  as circular designs work best on those who have natural angles. Round lenses that have horizontal brow bars offer a less unforgiving way to go round in circles this season.

Geometric Sunglasses

This year’s geometric sunglasses are practically designed specifically for guys with round profiles. These angular Shades are far from Standard issue so there is little chance of seeing every other Tom Dick and Harry putting them on when the sun’s out. Geometric shape Shades whether they are hexagonal or square offer an easier way to differentiate yourself in the crowd.

There Are Many Other Trends –

Colourful sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, nineties sunglasses, top bar sunglasses and many more. You just have to pick any one trend that suits you the best.

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