Here are some expert tips if you are pondering over a diamond necklace

Diamond necklace is the ideal gift for women of any age for any moment of their life. A diamond necklace is a stunning addition whether it is worn alone or matched with a set of a diamond ring, bridal set or wedding anniversary three stone ring. The classic beauty of a diamond necklace has never been superseded by any other jewelry that is why it is considered the ideal gift to make women happy. A Chocolate Diamond Necklace will be a great change over the white diamond necklace and it will also cost you less if you are with budget restraints. The diamond jewelry realm is so vast you can always pick up a piece that will conveniently suit your taste and budget.

What is your choice of diamond necklace?

When you go hunting for diamond necklaces, there are many different types available that will suit your personal preference, how and where you will wear it usually. Here you can start with some of the most popular necklace styles available in the market.

Pendants or Lockets

You have a countless variety of designs and styles for pendants and they would include exclusive geometrical shapes, initials, figurines, words and religious symbols. The usual setting of diamond for pendants is either the channel arrangement or bezel. Nowadays intricate pave designs are catching up and are becoming rapidly popular with the consumers.  The diamond necklace or pendant type will suit any type of attire and will prove to be a perfect gift for special occasions.

Chains or links

An array of sparkling gems or incorporated between the links of silver or gold chains often, to make a beautiful diamond necklace. The chains between their gold sections can have clusters of beautiful diamonds, multiple facets or patterns, and swirling designs such as the chandelier.  This kind of necklaces are suited for more formal occasions but can also be used with great effect during business situations or add glamour to a simple attire.


These are designed and woven like a strand of pearl and the special feature is the continuous row of diamonds. This could be the most classic addition to your wardrobe and will certainly add class and glamour to any type of dress you wear. The range of strand diamonds can be found in length of 10 to 20 inches but the shorter versions are more popular with women. If you are gifting away a diamond necklace to your beloved it would be the perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

Solitaire diamonds

This is the most commonly found but the most versatile piece of diamond jewelry in department and jewelry stores. It is an eye-catching diamond necklace that has a single diamond latched to a delicate chain which also has become the preference of most women in the world. With solitaire, any kind of size and shape is possible though princess or round solitaire is the one that catches the attention when you wear it around your neck. The versatility of this piece has no match, as it could be worn by a working professional, mother, fashionable woman or student. It is a fantastic gift for your spouse/girlfriend for occasions like birthday, valentine day, Christmas or anniversary.

As usual, the 4Cs of diamonds are applied when buying the above, though the eye level scrutiny of a necklace is not on the same degree as a diamond ring. The diamond necklace should not have any noticeable inclusions or should be eye-clean. Some of the diamond merchants treat the stones in the necklaces to increase its quality. You must ensure that they show you the grading certificate and also not charge you a premium for treated diamonds.

Price of diamond necklaces are determined by the number of stones, and size inducted into the jewelry. The price may go up dramatically if diamonds are larger in sizes. Colourless diamonds and white diamonds can be on the higher side so you can opt for brown diamonds of smaller size to make a cluster, chandelier designs or pendants. Coloured gems are not generally used in necklaces but contemporary jewellers have come up with stunning necklaces that sport brown and other colour diamonds. These are comparatively cheaper and if you are within a budget this is your best option.


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