Learn Important Facts from Some Frequently Asked Bed Bug Questions and Answers 

Bed bugs, rodents, and cockroaches are some of the most creepy and despicable pests. They can invade your bed and make your life miserable. According to Forbes, bed bugs are tiny critters that survive on the blood of animals and humans. The most common bed bugs in the U.S.A.are Cimexlectularius. However, several other species are present and feed on a broad spectrum of birds and mammals. They are sneaky and can easily accompany items such as furniture, bedding, clothing, bags, etc. Bed bugs eat every five to ten days on human blood. They seem to be active at night. Their bites may cause itchy bumps, discomfort, and irritation to your skin. They may not cause any disease, but they are a nuisance to public health. 

Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs  

You may get rid of bed bugs by implementing effective heat treatments. You may hire professionals with perfect heating systems to eliminate bed bugs. Alternatively, you may get in touch with reliable sites like pestprothermal.com for cutting-edge bed bug heaters. You may use them effectively to get rid of bed bugs. This special equipment helps in raising the temperatures beyond 120 degrees Fahrenheit for killing the bed bugs, and their entire population, including the eggs. Sustained heating beyond bed bugs’ thermal death point is the best way of eradicating the menace called bed bugs from your home. 

Some Bed Bug FAQs 

What is the ideal temperature for killing bed bugs? 

Experts recommend maintaining room temperature at130°F for at least four to six hours. Make sure that there are no spots cooler than the desired temperature. In this context, you may know that adult bed bugs die when exposed to 113°F or above for almost 20 minutes. However, eggs need seven hours of exposure to heat. Bed bugs are in the habit of hiding under the baseboards, inside the walls, and in other places where heating becomes difficult. Hence, it is a good idea to maintain high temperatures for many hours to make sure that the necessary high temperatures can penetrate effectively across all nooks and corners.

Is warming up only the air enough to kill the bed bugs?

No, you need to heat the entire affected area and all its belongings or contents. Everything within a room should reach the desired high temperatures to kill the bed bugs. Once the room is heated up to the bed bug thermal death point, you may manually manipulate all the contents in the room to make sure that all cool spots are duly heated up. Place the bed bug heaters strategically in the room for ensuring ‘optimal heat penetration’.

How can I use a bed bug heater?

Bed bug heaters play a pivotal role in getting rid of bed bugs in numerous households and hotels. Advanced heating systems come in packages with highly efficient air movers since they are best for directing and distributing heat. Hot air should move throughout the affected area so that it reaches the eggs and bugs alike and kills them. Portable bed bug heaters come with effective air movers to make the entire bed bug removal process fast and easy. They are best for eliminating cold spots and preventing overheating.


You may hire professional heat treatment experts or invest in a portable bed bug heater package to eliminate unwanted bed bugs. Stay dedicated and follow good practices to keep bed bugs at bay.                                                                                                                                                       


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