From women to children and everyone around the world, there are plenty of ways to see how floral gardening can bring spiritual enlightenment.

With many colors and other symbols to appreciate there is much to appreciate in the regal and spiritual nature of the flower. With the empowerment of the sun and warmth of Spring, there is a great deal of life to be seen in the image of the flower. More than just life and growth, there is the spiritual development and inspiration provided by the flowers grown in your garden.

Also, the spirituality of your own life can be expressed through the planting and growth of your own flower garden. Feelings and emotions are easily expressed through the timeless language of flowers, for your own benefit and also to be shared with loved ones. There is something historically significant in the floral garden, especially in the fact that they were usually the work that women were able to complete outside the house in times of misogyny. Feminism was able to develop at times when women wanted to express their own language. While even the spirituality of the world was predominantly male, women (and everyone as a whole) have been able to add to their own spirituality with flower gardens.

Additionally, we are always looking for methods of self-care, especially from deep within. There is much to consider in spiritual self-care, and the work of the floral garden is able to accompany the

  • view of higher power,
  • meditation,
  • contemplation,
  • purpose
  • and spiritual support

in all methods of care. Great consideration in the purity of this spiritual essence can help anyone of any age find the spirituality and overall wellness within.


We can consider the ability of this overall spiritual growth to add to personal health and wellness. Studies have proven that planting the floral garden can help with stress relief, and also improve overall mental health. Gardening can also be considered a form of exercise, beneficial for many physical reasons from the movement and activity to being outside in the fresh air.

Additionally, there are more items than flowers that go in the garden. In considering the addition of vegetable and herb gardens there is the ability to increase nutrition and overall physical health.

So, we have the ability to look at the flowers in full bloom as incredible inspiration to both the personal and spiritual.

Have you ever seen a bouquet of flowers, or even a single flower, that brought up some sort of vision of yourself?

Possibly flowers that brought you inspiration for growth or forward movement?

Access toward to your dreams and ambitions?

With all those different flowers, there is the ability to grow a garden full of your own spiritual vision and enlightenment.

flowers spiritualWhile there are a number of flowers that can appear, the ones that reach out to you the most have the ability to inspire the person you are inside. While there is the romantic red rose, there is also the tender and caring white rose. Then the brilliant yellow sunflower can touch your zest for life, as well as the bright yellow carnation, both of which reach up to the sun in search of life. With the softer pink carnations, roses and others, there is the image of your own sensitivity and caring. Also, is the royal purple, from the lilac to the lavender, bringing up the regal spirit that we all can forget in ourselves.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to gardening, spiritual and physical, that can help improve overall health and wellness. While there is the planting of the garden there is also the added life image of the flowers themselves, and the benefit of any other gardens that you may plant. Think of the growth of your own rose bushes, carnations, lilies and more. Something pure and white in the lilies, or bright and ambitious in the yellow of a rose or other flower.

There are so many colors and so many different flowers that you, as the gardener, have the right to develop your own path to spiritual vision. While the flowers help in spiritual enlightenment and activity, there is one thing to always remember; the flowers are only the inspiration and the actual activity, growth and enlightenment come from within.