When it comes to light decorating, the first choice coming to most people’s mind is the traditional chandelier. Nowadays, however, more and more designers are using led down lighting. As the name implies, a down light is recessed in the ceiling to provide illumination downwards. Sometimes it can adjust the angle of lights at your will, which is generally used as a spotlight in places requiring essential light.

The effectively used LED down light is very energy-saving. The head of down light swings flexibly so that it can meet specific needs of district lighting or create multi-level light. Now more and more led down lightings are used in home decoration.

JC lighting offers a wide range of LED light fixtures created to meet the designers demanding needs, including track light, downlight as well as suspended light. The robust electrostatic coating and die-casting process create an excellent texture within the light fixture. JC’s LED Down Light is powered with two LED COB chip industry leaders – Bridgelux and Phillips – which ensure high CRI. This combination brings a stunning realism to the design space while creating comfortable, consistent, and ambient lighting for maximum visual texture.

Recently, JC Lighting has established a new product called SPUD. This is a wall-mounted down lighting available for wall wash and vertical light effect, with a various reflective cover angle.

Wall wash vs. Vertical light effect: SPUD could be used to light up the wall and then create a reflective shine to form the illumination. In this way, the light produced would become softer and more comfortable to people. In contrast, the vertical light effect means it could light up the objectives straightly without any reflections.

Various reflective cover angles: used to differ the angle of reflective light. Better match with your needs.

Round and square face frames: optional. Being more flexible to create different appearances of the led down light. Liven up your decoration.

Large angles of light interception and less glare: ensure a larger lighting space. Soft light can protect the eyes from too much glare.

The simple and elegant design of the SPUD has become one of the significant features in new store design and innovative display to attract the consumers. All types of merchandise appear more attractive and desirable under a consistent, high-quality LED down light.

Led Down

Besides the stores, led down lights can also be used in more spaces:

In the living room. If the height of the home is not high enough, instead of the ceiling lamp, you can use two led ceiling downlights to illuminate. It could visually make sense of space higher with more layers.

Background Wall. In addition to the top, LED down light can also be installed on the sofa background wall and TV background wall to create a unique space feeling. 

In the kitchen. It is especially suitable to install the led down light in the large strip kitchen, which can irradiate some “dead corners”, adjusted according to the length of the operating table. The lighting is often flexible.

Along the corridor. If there is a long corridor at home, you can use recessed ceiling downlights to achieve not only lighting the whole space but also more sense of superior design. It would be better if you hang some art paintings on the wall. Then the corridor is immediately turned into an art gallery.

In the bedroom. We often feel that the five-star hotels are very comfortable; in fact, the lighting layout is exquisite. Recessed ceiling downlights can also be used in our own bedroom. 

Now it’s high time for you to have a try on those led down light, SPUD from JC Lighting is the first product you should think about.

For more information, please visit: https://www.chinajclighting.com/

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