5 Steps to Make a “CD Album” an Amazing Gift

"CD Album" an Amazing Gift

let’s say you’ve decided to give her the complete collection of The Moody Blues’ (her all-time favorite group) albums. Now instead of simply wrapping the CDs and handing them to her, do this:

1. Remove the CDs from their cases.
2. Hide the CDs around the house.
3. Gift-wrap all the CD cases separately.
4. Attach a note to each gift . . . Each note gives clues to the location of the CD . . .
5. And each note’s clues are based on each album’s title.

  • Days of Future Passed is hidden in a photo album.
  • To Our Children’s Children’s Children is in the kids’ toy box.
  • On the Threshold of a Dream is hidden in your bedroom.
  • Long Distance Voyager is hidden along with airline tickets to Tahiti.

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